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A man hand mills rice, in Philippines. Photo: Tessa Bunney

Blog: Falling out of love with the Committee on World Food Security

Today CFS member states adopted the Principles for Responsible Investment in Agriculture and Food Systems. They are a long way from being the gold standard we were looking for.

Community leader Mr Bartolomeus, 48, on his ancestral land, recently cleared by a palm oil company. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Palm oil: The real problem is crystal clear through the Asian haze

Burning forests and land in Indonesia is an annual phenomenon, but this year fires have hit extreme levels and have created a dangerous haze over Singapore and Malaysia.

Verdict on the G8 Summit, 2013

Blog: Verdict on the G8 Summit, 2013

I sat in Enniskillen Golf Club on Tuesday afternoon, having just delivered our final, golf-themed stunt with the Big Heads, and watched the news coverage of the G8 Summit drawing to a close.

3Ts: Teeing up tax and land for the G8

Blog: 3Ts: Teeing up tax and land for the G8

This year, David Cameron put two issues that matter to the poorest countries on the G8 agenda; cracking down on tax dodging that blights ordinary families around the world – especially in poor countries, and stopping unfair land deals that keep people hungry.  

G8 leaders land in Northern Ireland for the G8 Summit

Blog: Cuenta atrás para la Cumbre del G8

Estoy haciendo las maletas para irme rumbo a Enniskillen, Irlanda del Norte, con motivo de la Cumbre del G8. 

Les membres du G8 atterrissent en Irlande du Nord pour le sommet du G8

Blog: Compte à rebours final avant le sommet du G8

Aujourd’hui, je fais mes bagages et pars pour Enniskillen en Irlande du Nord où se tiendra le prochain sommet du G8.

G8 leaders land in Northern Ireland for the G8 Summit

Blog: Final countdown to the G8 Summit

Written by Adam Musgrave, Oxfam's Senior Global Campaigner.

Today, I’m packing my bags and heading off to Enniskillen in Northern Ireland for the G8 Summit.

#Landgrabs campaigners have inspired action around the world

Blog: #Landgrabs campaigners have inspired action around the world

Across the UK last December, people highlighted the problem of land grabs – where big companies buy up land in some of the world’s poorest countries for profit. Often land grabs mean the people who live on the land are evicted. They lose their homes, livelihoods, and their way of growing food.

Blog: What is land grabbing and why should we care?

Imagine that a single company buys up, in one fell swoop, the entire surface area of Hampshire, or Luxembourg, or half of Tuscany, Maryland or Schleswig Holstein. Imagine that before it starts farming (rapeseed, probably), it cuts down all the forestland, without checking first what they think, evicts all the farmers and other inhabitants in the area.

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