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GROW campaigners in Australia leave treats around cities

Blog: GROW Week 2012: A vibrant, colorful wrap up!

Last week was GROW Week and over forty countries took part with a range of activities and actions. It’s been loud, vibrant, colourful and fun. It's a great way to engage people in the GROW campaign as we continue to make noise about the food system and land grabs.

People marching for land rights in India

Blog: #GROWWeek Day 7: Marching towards hope... a historic land march in India

Recently Oxfam launched our land grabs campaign to call on the World Bank to freeze their investments in large land deals while they find a fairer way that works for the world’s poorest people. This is an issue that we know resonates with people, organisations and communities across the world. Recently a coalition called Ekta Parishad embarked on a month long march calling for land rights for the poorest people in India. The good news: they’re winning.

People in Indonesia demonstrating for World Food Day. Credit: Oxfam

Blog: #GROWWeek wrap up Day 5: Land stunts, celebs and dinner with friends

It’s getting towards the end of GROW Week -- 2 more days left! -- so I thought this daily wrap up should be the first of a series of wrap up, wrap ups.

From the UK we’ve got a couple of videos to show how people have been getting involved in GROW campaigning. Firstly, we’re thanking local campaigners for making the launch of the land campaign such a success.

Oxfam Belgium spreading the GROW messge. Credit: Oxfam

Blog: #GROWWeek Day 5: The seed of a campaign in Belgium

During GROW Week Belgium has not been lagging behind. For such a small country, we know how to make ourselves heard!

Women in the Philippines meet to discuss land rights. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: #GROW Week Day 4: In Search of my Grandmother’s Garden

One of the recurring things that Oxfam staff and partners hear about through their work is that women are more likely to become the victims of land grabs. There are manyreasons, from cultural to legal, why women are more vulnerable to losing their land, if they ever had the chance to own it in the first place.

The Rural Women's Market in the Philippines. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Day 3 highlights: Gangnam dancing and land grabbing a university

People are getting into the swing of GROW Week and turning it into a real festival. There’s a real vibrancy and creativity in how people are striking up conversations about serious issues.

Sotzil: Ana Pacheco, étale des grains de café au soleil. Photo : Annie Bungeroth/Oxfam

Blog: Semaine #CULTIVONS : La voix d’une femme pour dénoncer les injustices au Guatemala

A l’occasion de la semaine CULTIVONS, nous vous invitons à découvrir des histoires représentatives du travail d’Oxfam à travers le monde. Certaines sont légères, comme celles relatant l’organisation de concours gastronomiques, d’autres sont plus sérieuses. Cette diversité est l’une des raisons pour lesquelles je suis fier de travailler pour Oxfam.

#SemanaCRECE: Denunciar las injusticias con voz de mujer

Blog: #SemanaCRECE: Denunciar las injusticias con voz de mujer

Durante la #SemanaCrece te ofrecemos un amplia variedad de historias que reflejan el trabajo de Oxfam en todo el mundo. Algunas de ellas son festivas, otras reivindicativas y algunas realmente conmovedoras.  Esta diversidad de enfoques para abordar una misma problemática: el drama del acaparamiento de tierras y cómo afecta a millones de personas, es lo que me enorgullece de trabajar en Oxfam.

Sotzil: Ana Pacheco, spreading coffee beans to dry in the sun. Photo: Annie Bungeroth/Oxfam

Blog: #GROWWeek: Denouncing land injustice in Guatemala

For GROW Week we’re bringing you a range of stories that reflects the breadth of work that Oxfam does around the world. Some of this is light-hearted, such as food calendars and competitions, and some are more serious. This diversity is one of the reasons that I’m proud to work for Oxfam.

#GROWWeek: Lets talk land on World Food Day

Blog: #GROWWeek: Lets talk land on World Food Day

Today is World Food Day, an important day of celebration and campaigning all over the world. To coincide with this, Oxfam and partners are taking part in GROW Week to highlight the issues.

From reading, editing and uploading the stories and scanning pictures winging their way into our blog it’s clear that my colleagues are having fun as they make some noise about food and land issues.


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