Control arms campaign, Hope for Peace monument, Beirut, Lebanon

Blog: Arms Trade Treaty: Arab NGOs launch their campaign in Beirut

Rima Chemirik, Advocacy Officer for the Treaty on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) of Oxfam France, has recently been in Lebanon to attend the launch of the regional campaign for the ATT.

It is always a pleasure to come back to Lebanon, the Land of Cedars. Not just for lemonade with mint or the delicious mezze, but also for the joy of living that remains here, despite the painful past that has resulted in so many dead, wounded, displaced persons and other victims.*

Anna Macdonald with cluster bomb containers in southern Lebanon. Photo: Mary Wareham

Blog: Unexploded cluster bombs and dancing soldiers

It's not every day one joins hands with a group of uniformed soldiers and dances round joyfully in a circle. But then it’s not every day you travel to a highly bombed region of the world.


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