A man from the Sahel. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Day 8: Frame new ideas within indigenous knowledge

Experts’ ideas about how resource-poor farmers could improve productivity ought to be guided by indigenous knowledge. Low-cost, micro-innovations that make use of local resources have great potential but are often overlooked by mainstream developers of agricultural technology.

By Dr. Florence Wambugu, CEO, Africa Harvest Biotech Foundation International (AHBFI)

Somali mothers and children wait at a therapeutic feeding center Mogadishu,

Blog: Pregnant women and children facing hard time in Somalia

Following last year’s food crisis in Somalia which affected millions of people, the humanitarian situation in the country has largely fallen off the news agenda.

Blog: People "Facing Death" in many of Niger's villages

Niger is at the center of the current food crisis in West Africa. Oxfam's Caroline Gluck reports from the rural areas around Niamey.

An emaciated cow for sale at Sacabal market. Credit: Jane Barrett/Oxfam

Blog: On the road to Dakoro: Selling goats and getting grain in Niger

In the first of three blogs, Jane Barrett meets the herders selling their animals to buy grain, and Oxfam’s partners working to support them, during the current West Africa food crisis.

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