Empty classroom, Mali. Image: Oxfam

Blog: Day 9: Too Few Farmers: A view from the United States

Every perceived ill of US farming boils down to too few farmers working to feed too many people. The challenge is to get more young people farming, and help them through the early years when they must focus on learning their craft.

By Michael O’Gorman. Founder of the Farmer Veteran Coalition

Woman filling a jerry can with water, Tanzania

Blog: Day 6: Growing a More Food-Secure World

An agriculture that is resilient and sustainable, and provides sufficient safe, affordable food for all, will be built on four cornerstones: comparative advantage, open trade, markets that work for both producers and consumers, and an African continent that contributes positively to food production.

By Harold Poelma, Managing Director of Cargill Refined Oils Europe

Desta Yirsa, a farmer in Ethiopia. Image: Oxfam

Blog: Day 1: Changing Value Systems, One Village at a Time

If in the course of earning income women farmers are systematically exploited, have their control over what is grown and how taken away from them, and are left with a denuded natural environs, then this is a heavy price to pay for so-called empowerment.

By Nidhi Tandon, activist and Director of Networked Intelligence for Development

An enterprising woman at the Delmas 48 camp sitting in front of her makeshift beauty salon. Credit: Oxfam

Blog: Time to think big in Haiti

Alexandros Yiannopoulos, Oxfam’s coordinator of food security and livelihoods in Haiti, is blogging for Channel 4 News Online.

It is now time to think big. Three weeks in we have a plan, good people in place and now we have to try to achieve one of the largest projects that I have ever managed, if not one of the largest Oxfam projects since the Tsunami.

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