G8 leaders cooking up the planet. Credit: Nicola Sacco/Oxfam

Blog: G8 journalists let leaders off lightly

We've now seen what they've agreed to and it isn't pretty. On aid and Africa, there's nothing new. And on the economic crisis, well, let's just say the impact on the poor in the global South wasn't top of mind for G8 leaders.

When you speak to journalists about this stark reality they ask: "But where's the news? Every year we hear the same thing."

A fuego lento

Blog: A fuego lento

Hoy los líderes del G8 se han dedicado a la cocina. En una enorme olla han metido el globo terráqueo, y han  preparado un guiso aderezado con gases varios… Se lo han pasado muy bien, porque además la mayor parte no se la iban a comer ellos, sino que se la iban a servir a los países pobres.

Stunt: G8 leaders cooking the planet need a recipe to stop climate change

Blog: Gx climate dynamix

The real shift in power dynamics toward the G5 countries – Brazil, China, India, Mexico, and South Africa – is striking. Their leaders ride in police-escorted buses from their own buildings, their packed press conferences are now held in the main Summit site, their correspondents throng the media center and they even have their own page on the official G8 site. They are no longer the “Outreach 5”.

The G8 are cooking up the planet. Credit: Nicola Sacco/Oxfam

Blog: Oxfam propose aux leaders du G8 une nouvelle recette pour mettre un frein au changement climatique

La Piazza delle Bocca della Verita a commencé à s’animer vers 7h. L’équipe d’Oxfam, toujours appuyée par les bénévoles extraordinaires d’UCODEP, notre organisation partenaire italienne, mettait la main à la pâte.

Coudre des chapeaux de chefs cuisiniers, coller « l’eau » dans le fond de la casserole. Ce matin, ce sont les changements climatiques qui sont visés par l’événement d’Oxfam à Rome.

Some journalists persist in trying to get an internet connection. Credit: Oxfam

Blog: G8 logistics slow down our efforts - but can't stop us!

Pulling together the logistics for a G8 is no simple task. With an ever-growing number of world leaders, hundreds of journalists, and groups working to influence the outcome from around the world, the security, communications, transport and accommodation issues are almost endless. On the eve of the Summit, the Italian hosts have done a great job on the food and facilities but such basics as internet access to the Media Center remain a problem. 

Blog: Pistoletazo de salida

Mañana empieza en L’Aquila una nueva cumbre del G8, y culminarán meses de trabajo preparatorio de todo Oxfam Internacional (y de Intermón Oxfam, sobre todo desde que supimos que el presidente Zapatero asistiría como invitado): reuniones con los distintos gobiernos del G8, coordinación con nuestros aliados de la sociedad civil, contactos con medios de comunicación, organización de acciones de movilización ciudadana…

Todo ello de cara a tres días clave en que los ocho países más ricos del mundo van a tomar decisi

Credits: Dave Clark/Oxfam

Blog: At last Africa plays a role on the global stage, but not the way it wanted to

At last Africa plays a role on the global stage, but not the way it would have loved to.

Akin to the assassination of John Kennedy or the September 2001 attack on the New York twin towers, people around the world can reminisce on what they were doing or where they were or more lately, what job they had, when the global financial crisis hit the stage.

Summit Media Centre in L'Aquila

Blog: Really, they can’t afford another bad G8 summit. …For their own sake!

So here we are at the G8 International Media Centre at l’Aquila, Italy. I cannot believe it’s already been 364 days after all the hype of the last G8 was over in Japan.

3 million face death while Berlusconi and the G8 fiddle. Credit: Nicola Sacco/Oxfam

Blog: The fiddling was fun but the issue is deadly serious

As photo ops go, it doesn’t get much better. A beautiful Rome morning. The ruins of Nero’s palace on the horizon. A backdrop of leaping flames augmented by fire breathers. And the heads of the G8 countries cavorting about in togas, fiddling while Africa burns.

3 million de morts tandis que Berlusconi et les dirigeants du G8 se laissent aller. Crédit ; Nicola Sacco/Oxfam

Blog: Le Sommet n’ouvre officiellement que dans deux jours, mais Rome vit déjà au rythme du G8

L’équipe d’Oxfam est presque au complet aujourd’hui, pour participer à la première grande activité organisée : un événement médiatique mettant en scène nos fameuses Grosses têtes. Une énorme tête en papier mâché représente chacun des dirigeants du G8. L’équipe d’Oxfam et les bénévoles d’UCODEP, notre organisation partenaire italienne sont sous les costumes. Heureusement, le soleil se cache derrière quelques nuages et la journée commence à peine, il ne fait pas encore trop chaud.


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