Pakistan floods

Herdsmen leading buffalo to drink, within the displaced flood community of Badin District, Sindh. Photo: Sam Phelps/Oxfam

Blog: Floods in Pakistan: Sindh is still submerged

I arrived in Badin district, southern Sindh early November 2011 on assignment for Oxfam to cover their response to the recent flooding in the province where millions of people had been displaced and crops, livestock as well as livelihoods had been destroyed due to the floods.

People living in tents next to a flooded area in Pakistan.

Blog: Women and children brave death and disease: Pakistan floods 2011

My field visit from Hyderabad to Mirpur Khas was like déjà vu. As we traveled to selected Union Councils (UCs) of Mirpur Khas (Digri, Jodo, Nau Kot and Fazil Phambiriya) I saw acres and acres of land on which cotton and sugar cane should have been growing, now inundated. Hundreds of people recently displaced because of the monsoon rains and consequential flooding running after trucks and vehicles for help; mostly women, children and elderly taking shelter under makeshift tents on the road side.

Blog: Pakistan floods: one year of Oxfam's response

A year since Pakistan was hit by devastating floods, Oxfam's emergency response has provided support to over 2.4 million people. We've compiled a snapshot of some of our work over the last 12 months - take a look at a selection of our videos, stories and photos by clicking on the features below.

Blog: Pakistan: The difficulties in building back better (3/3)

This is the third installment of Alex Renton's diary from his recent visit to Pakistan, where the effects of the floods are still being felt more than 8 months later.

Blog: Pakistan: The injustice of the flood and its aftermath was clear to see (part 2/3)

Alex Renton visits Pakistan, where the effects of the floods are still being felt more than 7 months later.

The injustice of the flood and its aftermath was clear to see from the causeway where we met the fishermen. On one side were the drowned fields and – in the distance – the hump in the water that was Mumtaz Ali's village, only to be reached by canoe now. 

Farmer turned fisherman Mumtaz Ali sells fish that now swim on his flooded farmland, by the roadside outside Dadu, Pakistan. Credit: Andy Hall

Blog: Pakistan: "We are waiting for our life to come back" (part 1/3)

Alex Renton visits Pakistan, where the effects of the floods are still being felt more than 7 months later.

Los cultivos de Naimat Ahmed aún están inundados y su casa llena de barro. Distrito de Thatta, Sindh. Fotografía: Caroline Gluck/Oxfam

Blog: Pakistán: Más preocupaciones por las deudas y los derechos sobre la tierra tras las inundaciones

La aldea de Naimat Ahmed, en el distrito de Thatta, Sindh, aún se encuentra sumergida bajo el agua. Se mete en el agua para mostrarme sus cultivos inundados, donde antes cosechaba arroz, y lo alto que aún está el nivel del agua. Abre la puerta de su humilde casa, hecha de adobe y paja y llena de barro fangoso. No podrá volver hasta que el suelo se seque por lo que aún duerme al aire libre, junto con otros habitantes de la aldea, en refugios provisionales construidos con postes de madera y telas de algodón a modo de techo.

Zalynn Peishi, Oxfam Emergency Food & Sustainable Livelihoods Team leader surveys the extent of the flood.

Blog: Pakistan floods: A very long way to go

We have heard from Islamabad that there are rumors the flood is receding in Shikarpur and other areas in Sindh Province. We decide to try to go and see.

If true then our teams are going to have to start planning how we can support people returning to their villages – which in effect means we will need to give two different types of aid: one for people who are displaced and won’t be able to return home quickly; and another for those returning to destroyed homes and livelihoods. I head out of town with Zalynn and Abidah from our livelihoods team.

A person points towards their flooded home from a hilltop overlooking Nowshera, located in Pakistan's northwest Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province

Blog: Pakistan floods: A crisis unlike any other

Comparisons might help us picture the immensity of what’s happening in Pakistan. But what they can’t convey is the suffering that people are going through. In this excerpt, Rebecca Barber, Oxfam’s humanitarian policy and advocacy advisor in Pakistan, reflects on the human scope of this month’s catastrophic floods.

The extent of flooding in Pakistan on 12 August 2010 by administrative area; overlaid on a map of Europe.

Blog: World Humanitarian Day: A time to help Pakistan

World Humanitarian Day (August 19) may not be highlighted on your calendar – but it's an opportunity to take action to help those in need, and to honor the people delivering humanitarian aid on the frontlines.


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