Raising Her Voice

Have you ever felt like no-one’s listening to you? Challenging women’s invisibility

Blog: Raising her voice: making women’s invisibility, visible

Have you ever felt like no one is listening to you? Do you think it's fair? No, Oxfam doesn't either... And that's why Raising Her Voice, Oxfam's global program of work to support women's political voice, participation and leadership has been changing this so that for millions of women worldwide.

Veeru Kohli. Credit: Sara Faruqi/Dawn.com

Blog: Women’s Leadership Groups in Pakistan: some good news and inspiration

Jacky Repila, Learning and Communications Officer, Raising Her Voice, writes about a new report on our Raising Her Voice program in Pakistan, a country that ranks 134th out of 135 countries on the Global Gender Gap Index (only Yemen is worse).

Bertha Zapeta and Mérida Cacao. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Move your chair into the circle: Indigenous women’s political participation in Guatemala

Raising Her Voice works in 17 countries to promote the rights and ability of poor women to increase their influence and ensure their voices are heard so that those in power – from village leaders to politicians and lawmakers – become more accountable to them. Jenny Enarsson reports on a meeting of the Latin American Raising Her Voice participants.

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