Hawa and daughter Kinisi, somalia. Photo: Adeso

Blog: International Women’s Day: Remittances are a lifeline for women in Somalia

On International Women’s Day it is worth remembering that without remittances, many women in Somalia risk losing their only formal or transparent channel through which to access money.

A woman trader in Hargeisa market serves a cup of fresh camel’s milk. Small-scale business women often rely on remittances as start-up money for their stalls. Photo: Petterik Weggers/Oxfam

Blog: A lifeline for families in Somalia is hanging by a thread

At a time where ‘resilience’ seems to be the new buzzword on the tip of everyone’s tongue, one of Somalia’s most resilient systems – remittances – is hanging by a thread.

Photo: Women are waiting in a line at a money transfer operator.

Blog: Keeping the Somalia lifeline open: fragile progress

Each year, Somali migrants around the world send approximately $1.3 billion home to family and friends in Somalia. An estimated 40 percent of the population in Somalia depend on these remittances. This lifeline is currently under threat, but we are campaigning to keep it open.

Photo: Somali campaigners on 'Boris bikes' in front of a Barclays bank

Blog: Somali campaigners call for Barclays back-pedal

I was on my bike very early this morning to join a group of Somali campaigners who are calling on Barclays to keep open the cash lifeline to Somalia.

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