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Birtukan picking apples from a tree

Blog: World Food Day: From small farmer to Ethiopian female food hero

Birtukan Dagnachew Tegegn believes in m

Photo of a woman harvesting potatoes

Blog: Broken promises: rural women hit hardest by corporate land deals

Small-scale women farmers are the backbone of Africa's food system, but, as corporations buy up huge swathes of rural land, they are losing out at every turn. Marc Wegerif introduces a new Oxfam briefing paper, which looks at the great challenges facing women small-scale farmers, and also gives a highlights of Oxfam's Food Heroes who perhaps show us where to go next.

Woman farmer in Burundi. Photo: Pablo Tosco/Intermón Oxfam

Blog: Transforming economic power to advance women’s rights and justice

The last year’s Arab Spring events have demonstrated the immense power that grassroots organizing, social media, and collective power can have in creating change. We’ve seen revolutions and protests, campaigns and online actions, resonating with greater impact than ever before. Women, and women’s rights organizations, have remained an essential part of the momentum of these movements and activities.

Ester Jerome Mtegule

Blog: A journey of unheard women – who made the loudest noise

When I was studying at a university in Bangladesh back in the 1980s, the university had enforced a ‘sunset rule’ for women students. Which in practice meant that the gates of the women’s residence hall would close at sunset, after which no students were allowed to enter or leave the grounds of the residence hall. A perfect rule to keep female students invisible from public places, events and even from libraries. The rule was introduced to ‘protect’ women and keep them ‘safe.’

Gladys and Diego at Señorío de Sulco in Lima. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Flavio, Diego and Gladys celebrate the end of the GROW recipe competition

The GROW recipe competition attracted foodies from across Peru and Latin America, with some truly inspiring entries. Cada Every dish celebrated the produce grown in Peru by small-scale farmers every day.

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