smallholder famers

Felipe Hernandez Agulier, 24, spreads coffee beans out to dry in the sun at Caracol, Honduras.Credit Oxfam

Blog: Why GROW focuses on small-scale food producers

In our new GROW campaign, we argue that small-scale food producers (farmers, herders, fishers, and/or laborers) will be key to feeding a world with 9 billion people sustainably, equitably, and in a way that builds resilience to increasing economic and weather-related shocks.

Members of the Civil Society Parallel Forum performing a media action outside the World Food Summit. Credit: Haley Bowcock/Oxfam

Blog: Declaring a vision for world hunger

The World Food Summit on Food Security has released a declaration outlining its vision on how world food security is to be achieved. However, questions remain whether this vision goes far enough - especially as economic and climate crises loom large.

"Do you know how many small-scale producers there are in the world?" "1.5 billion!"

"Do you know what percentage of food consumed in the world comes from small-scale producers?" "75 per cent!"

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