Palm oil seeds.

Blog: The toxic legacy of palm oil in Guatemala

Ensuring sustainability in Guatemala's palm oil sector requires meaningful social and ecological reform.

#WFD2013 in Italy: Taking on the GROW Method

Blog: #WFD2013 in Italy: Taking on the GROW Method

This GROW Week blog post was written by Federico Spadini, Oxfam Italy.

Farmers listen to a lecture on sustainable farming techniques, Nigeria. Image: Oxfam

Blog: Day 5: Group Mutuality Paves the Way to a Sustainable Future for Smallholders

The fundamental problem for both female and male smallholders is the size of their farms. They are simply too small to generate an acceptable livelihood. An incorporated farm model could overcome many of the current obstacles and be the farming system of the future.

By Nicko Debenham, Director, Development & Sustainability at Armajaro Trading Ltd.

Un pequeño agricultor de maíz lucha por sobrevivir durante la sequía en Coiceição do Coité, Brazil.

Blog: La lucha contra la pobreza y la desigualdad debe ocupar un lugar central en Río+20

1992 fue un año memorable. En Sudáfrica se celebró el último referéndum en el que sólo las personas blancas podían participar y en el que una abrumadora mayoría votó a favor de acabar con el apartheid y crear un gobierno multirracial que reflejara un nuevo reparto de poder. Ese mismo año, la Unión Europea se formó en Maastricht.

Tackling poverty and inequality must be at the heart of Rio+20

Blog: Tackling poverty and inequality must be at the heart of Rio+20

1992 was a momentous year. In South Africa we had the final whites-only referendum in which the vast majority voted to end apartheid and create a power-sharing multi-racial government. In Maastricht the European Union was formed.

Blog: What’s wrong with our global food system? [infographic]

Around the world every night, one in seven people go to bed hungry – that's almost one billion people. People are hungry not because there isn't enough food produced but because our food system is broken. In fact, 80% of the world's hungry are directly involved in food production.

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