Blog: G-8 y G-20: Os juzgaremos por lo que hagáis, no por lo que decís

Todos los que estamos exigiendo a los líderes mundiales que se tomen en serio el cambio climático nos sentimos alentados al saber que el gobierno canadiense cedió a la presión de los ambientalistas, premios Nobel de la Paz y los países más progresistas a principios de la semana pasada, incluyendo el cambio climático en las agendas del G8 y G20.

Street stunt in Toronto calling on G8 leaders to "Invest in the future. Now." Credit: Oxfam Canada

Blog: Hey World Leaders – Invest in the future now!

Today, activist groups worldwide organized events as part of a G20 day of action in countries such as the US, the UK, India, Mexico, Malawi, South Africa and Belgium. They did so with the goal of sending a powerful message to their leaders before they head to Canada for the G8/G20 Summits: Invest in the future. Now.

Oxfam's Big Heads send a message to world governments at United Nations climate negotiations in Bonn, Germany. Banners alongside the match read "Don't foul the planet. Invest in the future!" Credit: Oxfam

Blog: $1 billion?! Toronto is ready for the G8/G20 Summits

I’ve arrived here in Toronto, Canada to lead Oxfam’s campaigning work for the upcoming G8/G20 Summits on 25-27th June. We have lots planned so make sure you stay tuned!

The G8 meet first, in what is dubbed ‘the Muskoka Summit’ for about a day. Then the G20 will meet in downtown Toronto for another day and a half. The G8 has a broad agenda of issues they will cover such as maternal health, security, terrorism etc. The G20 will focus on finance and global economic recovery.

Les "Big Heads" d'Oxfam envoyent un message aux gouvernements du monde lors des négociations climat des Nations Unies à Bonn (Allemagne). Texte sur les bannières: "Don't foul the planet. Invest in the future!" Crédit: Oxfam

Blog: 1 milliard de dollars?! Toronto est prête pour les sommets du G8/G20

Je suis arrivée à Toronto (Canada) pour coordonner le travail de mobilisation d’Oxfam en prévision des sommets du G8/G20 qui se tiendront du 25 au 27 juin prochains. Nous avons planifié plusieurs actions alors restez à l’affût !

Blog: Oxfam on tour with Coldplay

I’ve just come back from Quebec, Canada and America, where I’ve been organising Oxfam’s presence at Coldplay’s concerts. We’ve been campaigning on the For All campaign, asking the crowd to sign up to the For All Pledge.

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