Blog: 2012: Fenómenos meteorológicos extremos. Tres hechos y tres fotografías.

Mientras las negociaciones sobre cambio climático de Naciones Unidas continúan en Qatar a lo largo de esta semana, aquí tenéiss una muestra de los terribles efectos de algunos de los fenómenos meteorológicos extremos que tuvieron lugar en 2012 y que afectaron a personas de todo el mundo involucradas en la producción de los alimentos que comemos. 

HECHO: Junio de 2012 fue el 328º mes consecutivo en que la temperatura media mundial superó la temperatura media del siglo XX.

Blog: Three facts and three photos about extreme weather in 2012

As UN climate talks continue in Qatar this week, here's a look at some of what made 2012 another year of extreme weather, with impacts often seen on the food we eat and the farmers who grow it around the world. 

FACT: June 2012 was the 328th consecutive month with a global temperature above the 20th century average

The UN negotiations help give developing countries - who are often cut out of other decision making processes - a voice.

Blog: Beyond the US vs. China

From 29 November until 12 December, Richard Casson will be blogging from the United Nation climate summit in Cancun, Mexico.  Read his other entries here.

As a 'newbie' to United Nations summits (I've never been to one of these conferences before) I was advised yesterday morning to take an hour to attend the opening ceremony.

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