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Oxfam handwashing station at a school in Monrovia. Photo: Carsten Völz/Oxfam

Blog: Ebola again in Liberia: Hope dampened but not destroyed

No complacency: The mood after

Cyclone Pam hits Vanuatu. Photo: Isso Nihmei/ 350.org

Blog: Cyclone Pam: Eyewitness report from Oxfam Country Director in Vanuatu

Colin Collett van Rooyen

Oxfam water tank, Ebola response, Sierra Leone. Photo: Pablo Tosco/Ofam

Blog: Ebola crisis: Major concern in Sierra Leone as transmission remains high

Catherine Meredith, Ebola Response

Syrian refugee with her child, in Lebanon's Beeka Valley. Photo: Joelle Bassoul/Oxfam

Blog: International community must step up its support for Lebanon

As an international community, it is within our power to ensure that the future for refugees and vulnerable Lebanese communities isn’t hopeless. Supporting Lebanon now can make a critical difference both for the millions of people in need .

Teaching children how to wash hands, Oxfam Ebola response in Sierra Leone. Photo: Tommy Trenchard/Oxfam

Blog: A plea from Liberia for action on Ebola

By David Watako, water and sanitation engineer in Liberia - Living in Liberia right now is living with a constant anxiety, especially at this time. We are living in a situation where people are suspicious of any fluid, of any handshake, of any human or surface contact. 

1.5 million people have been displaced by this conflict. Almost 100,000 have sought shelter in UN bases like this one in Bor.

Blog: South Sudan at 3: A tenuous shelter behind razor wire

Today marks South Sudan’s third year of independence. But in the past seven months, the sense of unity that brought its people together in 2011 has been lost, pushing 1.5 million from their homes and forcing many to live in appalling conditions.

In South Sudan, escalating violence again ensnares citizens

Blog: In South Sudan, escalating violence again ensnares citizens

Not yet three years old and only beginning to know what peace feels like, the world’s newest country—South Sudan—is again in the throes of extreme violence. Since fighting broke out in Juba, the capital, on December 15, close to 10,000 people have been killed and almost 400,000 others have fled their homes.

Oxfam is working with the UN and other agencies to help families get food, clean water, and sanitation facilities. But the needs of displaced people are increasingly dire.

Aid from Oxfam heads to Syria

Blog: Aid from Oxfam heads to Syria

After months of assisting refugees in neighboring countries, Oxfam now aims to help 300,000 Syrians access clean water.

There is a subject that almost never comes up in the news from Syria: water. But as bombs and mortar shells rain down on communities—damaging the infrastructure that once protected public health—contaminated water may at times prove as deadly as the weapons of war.

Global Handwashing Day 2012, Jamam camp, South Sudan. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Singing and soap unite communities on Global Handwashing Day

For many people around the world, Global Handwashing Day barely registers and certainly isn't scribed into the calendar like Christmas, Independence Day or Eid al-Adha. But for millions of others (this year an estimated 250 million in more than 100 countries took part in events) the occasion has become a moment to dance, sing and party often in the face of adversity – bringing life and energy to the simple but important message that 'clean hands can save lives'.

Nyirahabimana dice que su principal preocupación es la higiene. Foto: Janna Hamilton/Oxfam

Blog: Búsqueda del agua: responsabilidad de niño. La vida de la población congoleña refugiada en Uganda

Como el conflicto en el este de la República Democrática del Congo se ha agravado en los últimos meses, las personas continúan huyendo hacia la frontera con Uganda. Oxfam está suministrando agua potable y saneamiento en el campo de Rwamwanja, ahora hogar de más de 25.000 personas.


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