Big business courts governments to rig rules and dodge taxes.

Blog: Roses are red, violets are blue, lobby me good and I won’t tax you

Valentines day. Love.

Middle class apartments rise above the insecure housing of a slum community in Lucknow, India. Photo: Tom Pietrasik/Oxfam

Blog: On wealth, debt and inequality – in response to some criticism

It’s been an exciting week for Oxfam.

View of the slums of Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya. Photo: Andy Hall/Oxfam

Blog: Why Inequality is a (very) Big Deal, and you need to get involved

Bloggers and social media have a role to tell the story of the injustice of inequality, and its defeat. Why Oxfam is joining Blog Action Day 2014.

Parwan-e-duo slum, Kabul, Afghanistan. Photo: Jason P. Howe/Oxfam

Blog: Inequality: a political problem requiring a political solution

This blog was co-written by Nicole Metz, Oxfam Novib policy advisor on the Post-2015 Agenda, and Tom van der Lee, a member of the Board of Directors of Oxfam Novib.

Inequality is not just unethical, it is also economically inefficient, politically corrosive, socially divisive, and environmentally destructive.

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