Photo: Airstrike destruction of civilian houses in Sana'a, Yemen. Credit: Bassam Al-Thulaya/Oxfam

Blog: Hope For Yemen as UK Arms to Saudi Arabia Ruled Unlawful

Calling for peace while selling weapons that allow Saudi Arabia to continue bombing Yemen is an utter hypocrisy that is having deadly consequences for the people of Yemen. This Appeal Court ruling is a victory for them.

Missing from Geneva II talks: The illicit arms fueling Syria’s conflict

Blog: Missing from Geneva II talks: The illicit arms fueling Syria’s conflict

A conflict that began almost four years ago in the political turmoil of the Arab Spring has morphed into a multi-sided war, fuelled by guns, bombs, and ammunition from far beyond Syria’s borders.

Laskamy – age 17, from Laos – lost his right eye, right hand, and 3 fingers when he unknowingly picked up a live cluster munition. © Tracie Williams/CMC

Blog: I have seen the harm that the misuse of arms has done

In July, delegates from across the world met in New York to discuss the details of an arms trade treaty (ATT) – a future treaty that would regulate the trade in conventional arms.

Ema Tagicakibau, a long time ATT campaigner from Fiji, on what the arms trade treaty means for her and why she travelled all the way to New York to advocate for the Pacific region.


Blog: Bloggers and journalists: the countdown for the Arms Trade Treaty is on!

Every day, millions of people suffer the direct and indirect consequences of the irresponsible arms trade: thousands are killed, others are injured, many are raped and forced to flee from their homes. We need to step up the media pressure so States deliver a strong and effective Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) by 2012.

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