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The World Food Summit could have done much more to support small-scale farmers. Credit: Rajendra Shaw/Oxfam

Blog: With the World Food Summit over, what next for world hunger?

With the plenary rooms at the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation emptied out, and the tents at the Civil Society Parallel Forum being packed away, the World Summit on Food Security has come to a close. As delegates make their way home, there is pause to wonder: what was achieved, and what next for world hunger?

Members of the Civil Society Parallel Forum performing a media action outside the World Food Summit. Credit: Haley Bowcock/Oxfam

Blog: Declaring a vision for world hunger

The World Food Summit on Food Security has released a declaration outlining its vision on how world food security is to be achieved. However, questions remain whether this vision goes far enough - especially as economic and climate crises loom large.

"Do you know how many small-scale producers there are in the world?" "1.5 billion!"

"Do you know what percentage of food consumed in the world comes from small-scale producers?" "75 per cent!"

En la lucha contra el hambre, es vital la sociedad civil. Credit: Oxfam.

Blog: Cumbre Mundial de la alimentación – ¿otro punto de vista?

A medida que continúa la crisis alimentaria, queda claro que no hay un solo grupo - ni el estado, ni el mercado, ni tampoco las instituciones internacionales intergubernamentales - que tenga la respuesta final contra el hambre y la malnutrición. En la lucha contra el hambre, la sociedad civil es clave. Y los líderes mundiales van a tener que tenerla en cuenta en esta Cumbre de la Alimentación.


Civil society organisations are crucial to the fight against hunger.Credit: Oxfam

Blog: The World Food Summit - a parallel view?

The ongoing world food crisis suggests that no one group - states, the market, or international intergovernmental institutions - has all the answers to hunger and malnutrition. Civil society actors are key to the process. Whether and how world leaders take civil society's views into account has ramifications for the outcome of this week's World Food Summit on Food Security and beyond.

Pastoralists bring their animals to the waterpoint at Kaikor, Kenya, where failed rains and drought across the region have led to another food crisis.

Blog: The World Food Crisis - far from over

As leaders gather in Rome for next week's World Food Summit on Food Security, it is worth remembering the plight of the 1 in 6 people in the world for whom the food crisis is not over.

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