Homes destroyed in Yemen. Credit: Abbo Haitham/Oxfam

Blog: Yemen: Living in fear is ‘normal'

Oxfam has been working in Yemen for 30 years. Over 60 percent of the population - 16 million people - were already in need of some form of aid before the recent airstrikes started. An Oxfam staff worker based in Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, shares what life has been like for the past week.

Photo d'Aisha, ravie, qui montre l'argent qu'elle vient de recevoir.

Blog: Yémen : une bouée de sauvetage financière

Aisha a 100 ans et, selon elle, les choses n’ont jamais été aussi difficiles. Or il suffit de voir les rides qui creusent de profonds sillons sur son visage buriné pour s’imaginer la vie dure qu’elle a dû mener.

Aisha gastará el dinero entregado por Oxfam en comida y medicinas

Blog: Yemen: El dinero en efectivo que puede salvar vidas

Aisha tiene cien años y cree que las cosas nunca han estado tan mal como ahora. En su rostro envejecido, marcado por profundas arrugas, puedo adivinar la vida tan dura que ha debido tener.

Photo of Aisha happily waving a bundle of cash.

Blog: A cash lifeline in Yemen

Aisha tells me she’s 100 years old and things have never been so bad. Deep lines etch her weathered face and I can only imagine the harsh life she must have led.

Celebra el Día Mundial de la Alimentación exigiendo más acción contra el hambre

Blog: Celebra el Día Mundial de la Alimentación exigiendo más acción contra el hambre

Hoy es el Día Internacional de la Alimentación. Para Oxfam, hoy es el día para denunciar que 1 de cada 8 personas en el mundo se acuesta con hambre cada noche, más que la suma de toda la población de Estados Unidos, la Unión Europea y Canadá.

#GROWWeek Day 2: Celebrate World Food Day

Blog: #GROWWeek Day 2: Celebrate World Food Day

Today is World Food Day (WFD) and for Oxfam this is a day to mark the fact that one in eight of us still go to bed hungry every night. That is more than the population of the US, EU and Canada combined.

A Yemeni woman. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Yemen: A wake up call to early marriage

Aisha, Wafa and Hafsa never imagined that their tragedies would signal a wake-up call for the residents of their small village in western Yemen. The two sisters Wafa and Aisha and their cousin Hafsa got married in 2010, when they were all under 16 – as is the custom in their village.

Beneficiary of Oxfam's cash distribution program waiting to receive identity card. Photo: Wolfgang Gressmann/Oxfam

Blog: Tweet this: Yemen on brink of hunger catastrophe [audio slideshow]

The Friends of Yemen conference taking place today offers a critical opportunity to make a difference in the lives of millions of ordinary Yemenis. Yemen is facing a severe humanitarian crisis with 10 million people - 44 percent of the population - without enough food to eat. Millions of people are unable to afford to feed their families, and are being driven deeper in poverty.

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