Oxfam International Blogs - GCCA http://l.blogs.oxfam/en/tags/gcca en The world's biggest exclamation mark and I was part of it http://l.blogs.oxfam/en/blog/09-06-06-exclamation-bonn <div class="field field-name-body"><p>It was an aerial photo made by more than 400 volunteers who braved heavy rain to send out their message to the world.</p> <p>The areal image was possible thanks to white boiler suits that were provided by the <a href="http://tcktcktck.org/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><strong>tck tck tck campaign</strong></a>. The passionate activists included members of NGOs from all over the world as well as local participants.  </p> <p>We all lay down in a park near the climate negotiations meeting, using our bodies to spell out the words "Yes You Can". </p> <p>After the photos were taken, the crowd rallied outside the conference centre with loud calls for urgent action that reached the ears of the negotiators..</p> <p><strong>Negotiators: Yes You Can (and MUST) act now to fight Climate Change.</strong></p></div><div class="field field-name-title"><h2>The world&#039;s biggest exclamation mark and I was part of it</h2></div> Sat, 06 Jun 2009 18:45:33 +0000 Anonymous 8795 at http://l.blogs.oxfam http://l.blogs.oxfam/en/blog/09-06-06-exclamation-bonn#comments