Conflicto y Desastres

Los conflictos, desastres y emergencias son frecuentes, pero podemos evitar que tengan un impacto tan devastador sobre la gente.

Vista general de Pedernales, Ecuador

Blog: La operación de Oxfam en Ecuador

Oxfam está ayudando a las comunidades más afectadas con sumunistro de agua potable. Sin embargo, la necesidad más fundamental para muchos, reconstrucción y acceso a sus viviendas, tomará mucho más tiempo en solucionarse.

World Humanitarian Summit 2016

Blog: Promesas y sillas vacías: los resultados de la Cumbre Humanitaria Mundial

Los Gobiernos que han participado esta semana en la Cumbre Humanitaria Mundial tenían numerosos e importantes asuntos que abordar. Se obtuvieron importantes logros, pero también hubo muchas ausencias notables.

Mujer en Guatemala regando huerto afectado por la sequía

Blog: Lo que deberíamos saber sobre la crisis humanitaria en Centroamérica.

Es urgente que los Estados reconozcan formalmente a Centroamérica como una región vulnerable frente al Cambio Climático y los riesgos recurrentes que año tras año deja grandes pérdidas (…) Es hora de despojarnos de los intereses particulares y trabajar como región centroamericana para que las políticas de Gestión del Riesgo se incluyan y estén alineadas a la política de los Estados.

Pedernales, Ecuador

Blog: De Portoviejo a Pedernales, recorrido de incertidumbre

Cuatro historias que reflejan la dura realidad que enfrentan muchas familias después del terremoto de Ecuador.

Wadha, in Deir Ez-Zor, is one of many people benefiting from Oxfam’s cash-for-work program in Syria. Credit: Dania Kareh/Oxfam

Blog: Five things crisis-affected Syrians need right now

Syria's people are caught in terrible bind: eight years of war, millions need life-saving aid. The humanitarian response in Syria is significantly underfunded. Yet the international community doesn't want to support activities that it thinks could strengthen the government of Syria. So what next?

Diaa', a Syrian refugee living in the Za'atari Camp, is a team supervisor in the Superadobe construction project that is bringing temperature-resistant homes to the camp. Photo: Nesma Nsour/Oxfam

Blog: These five Oxfam innovations are changing the way people fight poverty

From futuristic homes that adjust to extreme temperatures to apps that allow refugees to speak up for their own needs, here are just a few of the creative solutions implemented by Oxfam and our partners on the ground to help vulnerable communities take on new obstacles.

Hassan 7, from Iraq, waits for his brother as they cross the border from Serbia to Croatia, October 2015. Credit: Sam Tarling/Oxfam

Blog: A Taste of Home - recipes for the holidays

Through the preparation and sharing of food, we show each other that we care. No wonder then that we remember in such vivid detail the meals we have enjoyed with loved ones when we are forced to be apart.

Jameela Ahmed's children sitting in the room they live in, in a village outside Khamer city, Yemen. Photo: Gabreez/Oxfam

Blog: Stop the Bombs, Yemen is Starving

Most of Yemen's 22.2 million people are now in need of humanitarian aid. This terrible situation is entirely caused by a war in which the parties are dependent on arms supplied from outside the country.

Oxfam Assessment Team survey the impact of Typhoon Haiyan, just days after it hit in Samar, Philippines. Photo: Jire Carreon/Oxfam

Blog: Yolanda on My Mind: The Odyssey of a Humanitarian Worker

Five years since Super Typhoon Haiyan, the worst storm ever to hit the Philippines, here are the critical lessons learned. Through your generous support, we've been to reach more than 850,000 people with humanitarian aid. How amazing is that - thank you!

Rebecca Nyawal, South Sudan. "Every night we pray for peace." Photo: Rhea Catada/Oxfam

Blog: Dreaming of Peace: The Women Inside South Sudan's Protection of Civilians Camp

Heart-break and hope: the women we work with inside the Malakal Protection of Civilian site in South Sudan. Since the conflict's start in 2015, we've reached over 500,000 people with emergency and longer-term support.


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