Conflicto y Desastres

Los conflictos, desastres y emergencias son frecuentes, pero podemos evitar que tengan un impacto tan devastador sobre la gente.

Cecilia and Gatkuoth work on a borehole repair in Buong camp, South Sudan. Credit: Tim Bierley/Oxfam

Blog: Making a difference in South Sudan: Ensuring those in need are not forgotten

Oxfam emergency team leader Cecilia shares her experiences delivering humanitarian aid on the front line in South Sudan. "If we don’t make sacrifices, who will?"

Blog: Fotogalería de Haití: respuesta al huracán Matthew

Tras el paso del huracán, nuestros equipos suministraron agua potable, repararon los sistemas de abastecimiento de agua y distribuyeron artículos para el refugio y ayuda alimentaria entre decenas de miles de personas. También instalaron letrinas y depósitos para recoger el agua de la lluvia.

Nashima Potawan, 47, and her four children were forced to move to Madalum during the Marawi Siege, and months later faced the devastating effects of Typhoon Vinta.

Blog: Philippines: Mothers of Marawi hopeful after months of fear

Last year, residents of Marawi in the Philippines faced two major disasters: In May, they were uprooted by a violent siege and seven months later, they faced a deadly typhoon. Oxfam is supporting a consortium of local organizations who are helping families stay healthy and safe in the wake of these crises, rebuild their lives and prepare for future disasters.

Blog: Images d’Haïti : intervention suite à l’ouragan Matthew

Nos équipes ont distribué de l’eau potable, réparé les systèmes d’approvisionnement en eau et fournit des abris et une aide alimentaire d’urgence à des dizaines de milliers de personnes suite au passage de l’ouragan Matthew. Nous avons aussi installé des latrines et des tonneaux pour attraper l’eau de pluie.

Hostos, República Dominicana / Fran Afonso

Blog: Los desastres no son naturales

Tras el paso de los huracanes Irma y María, una parte de la población de la República Dominicana respiró aliviada. Sin embargo, fue tan solo una parte, pues más de 50,000 personas tuvieron que abandonar sus hogares, algunas temporalmente y otras para siempre. 

Nyawal is a community heath volunteer, South Sudan. Photo: Tim Bierley/Oxfam

Blog: In South Sudan, Oxfam races the rains to save lives

In the middle of war, even the simple solutions to staying healthy can feel impossible. In South Sudan, Oxfam is bringing education and resources to communities to help save lives - every day.

Therese, an Oxfam Public Health Promoter cleaning latrines in Kalunga IDP camp, DRC. Credit: Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi/Oxfam

Blog: Fighting to keep disease at bay in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Conflict has forced Therese and hundreds of thousands more people to flee their homes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Oxfam is providing clean water, sanitation, public health training – including to Therese, who is now working daily to help others stay healthy.

Hani* and his siblings outside their family’s tent in a community for displaced people in Herjalleh, Syria. Photo: Dania Kareh/Oxfam

Blog: In Syria, delivering water - and hope - in a 'time of great need'

Seven years after the Syria crisis began, families are struggling to access necessities, like water, food, and medicine. Through your support, we're delivering clean water to Hani and his family, and thousands more who fled the violence in East Ghouta.

Rajiah is a community health volunteer who helps share health information with pregnant refugee women, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. Photo: Maruf Hasan/Oxfam

Blog: One woman leading the way for healthy mothers in Bangladesh's refugee camps

Close to a million Rohingya people have fled violence in Myanmar to seek refuge across the border in Bangladesh. Outspoken and confident, meet Rajiah, leading the way for healthy mothers in Cox's Bazar, and pushing hard to be a role model for the advancement of women around her.

Ahmed and his siblings in Al-Okasha IDP camp, Abs district, Hajjah governorate. Photo: Ahmed Al-Fadeel/Oxfam

Blog: Stop the war in Yemen

It's now been three years of war in Yemen. Meet Ahmed - he is only 14 but has a thousand reasons to end this inhuman war.


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