Desigualdad y servicios sociales básicos

Demasiada gente vive aún sumida en la extrema pobreza. Por otro lado, la riqueza está cada vez más concentrada en las manos de unos pocos.La desigualdad extrema no es inevitable.

Oxfam report: Public Good or Private Wealth

Blog: Inequality Is Bad For Your Health and What You Can Do About It

Ask anyone what really matters and the health of their families and their children’s education will be near the top of the list. Yet in many countries these things are only available to those with money.

The Lake Turkana Wind Power Project in Loiyangalani district, Marsabit county. Photo: Jack Owuor/The Star Newspaper

Blog: 4 critical steps to ensure international aid works for the poorest people

With the credibility and impact of development aid at stake, the status quo just isn’t an option - it’s time for a more radical rethink.

Oxfam staff deliver food to people caught up in the Ebola outbreak in Equateur province, Democratic Republic of Congo, June 2018. Photo: Alain Nking/Oxfam

Blog: Why 2019 is a Make-or-Break Year for International Aid

International development aid is in danger, as the boundary between aid and commercial transactions gets blurred. Can this trend be reversed?

Time to end the era of tax havens.

Blog: Paradise Papers one year on: Five ways to stop such tax scandals

Oxfam’s five-point plan shows how governments can stop the tax scandals if they put the interests of the public over the demands of the super-rich and big business.

Revealing Big Pharma’s tax dodging: The story behind the numbers

Blog: Revealing Big Pharma’s tax dodging: The story behind the numbers

Four of the world's biggest drug companies are making billions in profits while cheating poor people, especially women and girls, with sky-high drug prices and dodging hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes. Here's a close look into Oxfam's research that uncovered their dirty little secret.

AltavozES es una plataforma digital que fomenta la participación ciudadana en El Salvador.

Blog: #AltavozES : activismo digital contra la desigualdad en El Salvador

El permanente dinamismo y cambio que vivimos a raíz del uso extendido del internet y las nuevas tecnologías de información y comunicación (TIC), ha traído consigo nuevas lógicas democráticas que contribuyen a traducir nuestras ideas y expectativas sobre los cambios sociales en acciones concretas. 

Eduardo viajó a La Paz, acompañado de su esposa Basthi Ramos, una activista por los derechos de las mujeres y productora de radio comunitaria en Huanuni, para recoger su premio. Foto: Pablo Andrés Rivero / Oxfam.

Blog: Entregamos premio al ganador del sorteo del cortometraje ‘Trabajo’

Hace poco tuvimos el gusto de conocer a Eduardo Quisbert Luque, el ganador del sorteo del cortometraje ‘Trabajo’, y hacerle entrega de su premio, un dron DJI Spark.

A water community group meeting in Allan, Salt governorate, Jordan. Credit: Alixandra Buck/Oxfam

Blog: How one community in Jordan is raising women's voices - and ensuring clean water is not wasted

With the support of Global Affairs Canada, Oxfam is working with community members, partners, and the Government of Jordan to improve water governance. And now the voices of the community's women are being heard.

Blog: Business leaders raise the bar on corporate tax behavior

The B Team, a coalition of forward-looking business leaders including Sir Richard Branson, and Ratan Tata, have announced a new set of principles and commitments on corporate tax. Despite some notable weaknesses, this initiative raises the bar on what constitutes responsible corporate tax behavior.

Photos: March in South Africa, for Tobeka, who passed away in 2017, after being unable to afford the high price of cancer medicine.

Blog: World Cancer Day 2018: It’s time to bring down the price of medicines

This World Cancer Day, people across the globe must unite to push for tough actions by governments and UN bodies to change the system that leads to high medicine prices, which prevent patients from getting the treatment that can save their lives.


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