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In a global food industry worth trillions of dollars, far too many of the people behind our food are suffering, working long hours in inhumane conditions for little reward.

In this blog we’ll be exposing the root causes of the problem, sharing the stories of farmers, food workers and campaigners, and showing how supermarkets and governments can help to end this injustice.

Photo: Campaigners in the Philippines push for food security. Credit: Vin Aranas/GRAISEA2 PMU

Blog: One Year of Action To End Human Suffering Behind Our Food

One year ago, Oxfam launched the Behind the Price campaign to end the human suffering behind our food. With your support, the campaign has already achieved some big wins!

Seafood worker. Photo: Adrian Mulya/TheSustainable Seafood Alliance Indonesia

Blog: How are supermarkets taking responsibility for ending human suffering in their food?

Last year, Oxfam launched a campaign to get 16 major supermarkets to take responsibility for ending human suffering in their food supply chains. A year later, here's their report card.

Oxfam Novib campaigners hand over 23,000 signatures to Albert Heijn staff, as part of the Behind the Barcodes Campaign. Photo: Oxfam Novib

Blog: Largest Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn takes action on human rights after Oxfam Novib campaign

Following Oxfam Novib’s Behind the Barcodes campaign, Albert Heijn supermarket is introducing new policies on human rights and sustainability. The supermarket chain Jumbo and the parent company of Albert Heijn, Ahold Delhaize, still lag behind.

Workers at Aldi's Fyffes plant in Honduras protesting against discrimination. Photo: Giorgio Trucchi/REL-UITA

Blog: A Workers' Rights Campaign Win in Honduras: Aldi Supplier Fyffes Recognizes Union

Poverty wages, toxic pesticides, harassment: to fight these bad working conditions on melon plantations in Honduras, Fyffes workers organized in a union - and were fired. For years we protested. Now we can tell you: our protest works!

“Honor the hands that harvest your crops.” - Dolores Huerta

Blog: Five Inspirational Quotes about Food, Hunger and Changing the World

Happy World Food Day! While a great time to celebrate our victuals, it’s also a good moment to stop and think about the people who grow it - and take steps to end the suffering behind our food.

Seafood worker in Indonesia. Photo: Adrian Mulya/The Sustainable Seafood Alliance Indonesia

Blog: From Zero to Heroine: 4 ways supermarkets can better support women

Women are being paid poverty-level wages and enduring unsafe and degrading working conditions while struggling to put food on the table for their families. Supermarkets have the power to change this.

Melati, seafood worker in Indonesia. Photo: Adrian Mulya/The Sustainable Seafood Alliance Indonesia

Blog: A life of toil: Women in the seafood industry

Oxfam’s latest report on worker’s rights in the seafood sector shows that workers in seafood supply chains in Thailand and Indonesia are still reporting workers rights violations with women being amongst the most affected.

Seafood worker, Suzi. Photo: Adrian Mulya/The Sustainable Seafood Alliance Indonesia

Blog: Bold ambitions bring big responsibilities: Tackling the human suffering behind our food

Oxfam welcomes Roland Waardenburg’s blog as his contribution to the debate around the issues we are putting forth in our report Ripe for Change and Behind the Barcodes campaign provides us with an opportunity to explain our approach and theory of change.

Sorting shrimp at the trader’s warehouse, Lamongan seafood auction site, East Java, Indonesia. Photo: Kemal Jufri/Oxfam

Blog: 4 critical ways global seafood retailers can give their consumers confidence

With forced labor and workers’ rights violations alive and widespread in the Thai and Indonesian seafood industry, how can supermarkets give consumers the confidence that there's no human suffering in the food they buy?

Women's rights activist Domin Dhamayanti. Credit: Adrian Mulya/Sustainable Seafood Alliance Indonesia

Blog: Behind Indonesia's seafood sector: Domin's fight for the rights of women workers

Read this inspiring story of one woman's intense commitment to fight for the rights of women workers in Indonesia's seafood sector.


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