Thousands marching for climate justice in Poland

This weekend, thousands of people marched at the UN climate talks in Warsaw, to send the message that we must stop climate change now.

Among the people gathered was a vibrant group of Oxfam activists who had taken a train all the way from Belgium to tell governments from around the world how important climate jutsice is. Armed with placards, balloons, face paint and chants (all of them green), they wowed us with their energy and passion. Of course, the fact that they're so enthusiastic should be no surprise - climate change is hitting poor people hard around the world.

Our ebullient activists had one particular message for world leaders: a climate crisis is a food crisis. Rising temperatures are having a huge impact on food. Unless we get climate change under control, food prices will keep rising, floods and droughts will devastate harvests, more crops will fail, food quality will drop, farmers around the world will struggle to cope, and millions more people will be trapped by chronic hunger.

We can prevent this from becoming our new reality. But the time for action is now. Climate change is a global problem; world leaders need to take clear steps towards a global response at the climate talks in Poland - now.

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