Why do the tax affairs of a wealthy European Duchy matter to Oxfam?

Today is the 1 year anniversary of #LuxLeaks, the scandal which revealed the tax secrets of 350 multi-billion companies. The three whistle blowers who revealed the tax dealings are currently facing criminal charges. 

But what have the tax policies of a small, wealthy European country got to do with Oxfam’s work to fight poverty? Here are some of the reasons why we marked the anniversary as part of our Even It Up campaign.

1. The tip of the iceberg: It's tax tricks like the Luxleaks scandal which are the beating heart of the rigged global tax system that deprives governments of billions. 

2. Tackling inequality: Fighting tax dodging is a critical part of the global fight against inequality. Combined together, fixing the international web of rigged rules, tax loop holes and accounting tricks would be a giant leap when it comes to solving inequality. For example, the $100 billion developing countries lose to tax dodging is a lot of potential financing for the schools, hospitals and infrastructure projects that are key to tackling inequality. 

3.  Information is powerful: Individuals like the whistle blowers wouldn’t have to put their freedom on the line to reveal this information if companies were obliged to publish where they do business and where they pay tax. Without this information being publicly available, it’s more challenging to set the system straight. In rich and poor countries alike, we need governments to make companies publish their tax affairs allowing citizens to call on governments to hold companies to account if they’re tax dodging .From Warsaw to London, Europeans blew their whistles in solidarity with the LuxLeaks whistle blowers and to call for an end to corporate tax secrecy.

Watch and share the video below to blow your whistle and join the movement to Even It Up



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