Commitment needed

On their way to the plenary delegates at the UN climate talks here in Bonn, pass by a ragged bear holding up a sign: 'No coins, it's change I need.' It is a silent protest. If we would hold a minutes silence for each of the death caused by climate change, we would not be uttering a word for the next 180 days and even longer.

Copenhagen starts in 180 days and we cannot afford to stay silent. Commitment is called for even though at the negotiations one gets the impression that this is not everyone's goal. Take for example the issue of finance for adaptation, much talked about here at the conference with different proposals on the table.

When it comes to money, however, consensus seems particularly hard to reach. In Europe, where there has been an EU Finance Ministers meeting this week, there is a lack of political will to get on and allocate sufficient money to assist developing countries to adapt to climate change. But surely the EU can and must do better. Postponing decisions and commitments simply will not do any longer.

The human costs of inaction are too high.

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