Are the G8 leaders lost?

The Oxfam team had an early start today as we left the Highwayman Inn in Orillia, Ontario and travelled to Huntsville in the wee hours of the morning to set up our second Big Head stunt for the G8 Summits. Although we were right on track, it seemed as though The Big heads had lost their way. 

They had reached a crossroad and were facing a tough decision: Will they exhibit leadership and mark this G8 Summit as a turning point in the fight against poverty, or will they just be lost tourists, stumbling around in Canada’s cottage country?

In an attempt to reach a consensus, the Big Heads gathered around a map trying to figure out how they should lead the negotiations. Prime Minister Harper was convinced that sticking with the current path was the best choice, while Chancellor Merkel and President Obama wavered about changing course. 

Let’s help the G8 leaders find their way. While the G8 negotiate our future, they know that a billion people will go to bed hungry tonight, up from 800 million two years ago. Furthermore, an extreme situation is facing West Africa today, where more than 10 million people are facing severe hunger and malnutrition because of drought, poor harvests and rising food prices.

We cannot afford to endorse a business as usual scenario and must make the choice clear to our leaders. Last year, the G8 promised $22 billion over three years to fight food insecurity. However, the G8 must be floundering as that money has yet to materialize.  Let’s make sure they find their way in 2010.

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