Bill Nighy interviews the G8 leaders one-on-one in Huntsville, Ontario

Celebrity Bill Nighy travelled to Huntsville, Ontario to ask the G8 leaders hard hitting questions about what they plan on delivering a this year’s Summit. The interviews took place at the Secluded Bed and Breakfast just on the outskirts of town, which provided an intimate setting and a unique chance to get up close and personal with the world leaders.

First up was Prime Minister Harper, chair of the negotiations. Clad in a Calgary Flames hockey jersey, he proudly announced that he saw himself playing a key role in blocking key decisions from getting on the agenda. Bill Nighy appeared distraught, though not surprised. Highlights included Prime Minister Kan tattling on the rest of the leaders for picking on him because he’s a newbie to the Summits, Berlusconi pulling a fast one on Bill Nighy and slipping off screen as he was asked what he had contributed to past Summits, and of course, Bill Nighy doing his best Ali G impressions between cuts.

The interviews with the G8 leaders were a tad worrisome, maybe they were just nervous for the upcoming negotiations. Here’s to hoping they prove us wrong this year. Cheers.

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