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Missing from Geneva II talks: The illicit arms fueling Syria’s conflict

Blog: Missing from Geneva II talks: The illicit arms fueling Syria’s conflict

A conflict that began almost four years ago in the political turmoil of the Arab Spring has morphed into a multi-sided war, fuelled by guns, bombs, and ammunition from far beyond Syria’s borders.

Arms Trade Treaty Campaigner, New York, July 2012. Photo: Andrew Kelly/Control Arms

Blog: A global Arms Trade Treaty: a marathon not a sprint

The fight for an Arms Trade Treaty has been a marathon – not a sprint. Here, Oxfam’s Head of Arms Control Anna Macdonald sets out why she believes it’s worth staying the course.

The world has come within a hair’s breadth of agreeing a global Arms Trade Treaty. This would have been a huge step in the right direction for preventing genocide and human rights abuses by bringing the arms trade under control – and given the shocking atrocities unraveling in Syria each day, it’s definitely long overdue.

Banksy's iconic graffiti of a child soldier is recreated to call for tighter controls on the arms trade. Photo: Nick Stern

Blog: UK and US: Save the Arms Trade Treaty negotiations

At the Arms Trade Treaty conference at the UN in New York, delegates have been dragging their feet, playing musical chairs and generally skirting around discussions. With disagreements from the start, the talks are not on track. So, we need States to pick up the pace to ensure that a bulletproof treaty is agreed when the conference closes on July 27th.

Control arms campaign, Hope for Peace monument, Beirut, Lebanon

Blog: Arms Trade Treaty: Arab NGOs launch their campaign in Beirut

Rima Chemirik, Advocacy Officer for the Treaty on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) of Oxfam France, has recently been in Lebanon to attend the launch of the regional campaign for the ATT.

It is always a pleasure to come back to Lebanon, the Land of Cedars. Not just for lemonade with mint or the delicious mezze, but also for the joy of living that remains here, despite the painful past that has resulted in so many dead, wounded, displaced persons and other victims.*

Alexander Harang

Blog: Alexander Harang, activist: "The ultimate goal for an Arms Trade Treaty is to spare lives"

Before attending the Prep Comm on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) the Control Arms coalition met to have a campaigners conference. This meeting brought together 75 activists from around the world all campaigning for a “bulletproof” ATT. It was a chance for us to solidify our messages and to plan our tactics for the final campaign push between now and the main Diplomatic Conference in July.

Control Arms campaigners. Credit: Fred Lubang/Control Arms

Blog: Last bend before the homestretch for the Arms Trade Treaty

Six years ago Oxfam celebrated a campaign victory when the UN voted to start work on an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). So why, you may ask, am I at the UN campaigning for an ATT this week? The short answer is that ‘things take time, especially at the UN’.

Show some love for the Arms Trade Treaty

Blog: Showing some love for the Arms Trade Treaty

Valentines Day at the Prep Com (the Arms Trade Treaty Preparatory Committee) – a perfect excuse to do some sort of campaigning activity at the UN.  Our message to the diplomats this morning as they entered the room was a very simple one:

Laskamy – age 17, from Laos – lost his right eye, right hand, and 3 fingers when he unknowingly picked up a live cluster munition. © Tracie Williams/CMC

Blog: I have seen the harm that the misuse of arms has done

In July, delegates from across the world met in New York to discuss the details of an arms trade treaty (ATT) – a future treaty that would regulate the trade in conventional arms.

Ema Tagicakibau, a long time ATT campaigner from Fiji, on what the arms trade treaty means for her and why she travelled all the way to New York to advocate for the Pacific region.

Headstones: 1 person is killed every minute by arms. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Global Arms Trade Treaty picks up speed

Momentum builds up as key states, survivors, investors' group, and industry give full backing for global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)

Diplomats at the United Nations' talks on the future Arms Trade Treaty made serious progress last week with a growing number of key countries bringing their support to the process.

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