What next for Congo after politics got in the way of peace?

Blog: What next for Congo after politics got in the way of peace?

Political disputes have delayed a peace deal that could potentially affect millions of lives. As attention on the crisis in eastern DRC wanes, the humanitarian situation remains dire. We must ensure that this golden opportunity for peace is not lost for ever.

Photo of Agnes Yawe outside the African Union buildings

Blog: Getting to know the African Union – an insight from Addis Ababa

Oxfam runs a “Pan African Professional in Residence” program, which seconds young members of African civil society organizations to help them better engage with the African Union (AU), its decision makers and policy-making processes. Agnes Yawe, a Campaigns, Advocacy and Lobbying Officer for PELUM, recently finished a three-month stint in the program in Addis Ababa – the home of the AU – and reflects on her experience:

Malawi's President Bingu Wa Mutharika has helped that country make good progress toward reaching the Abuja target.

Blog: Dear African leaders: A little less conversation, a little more action please!

Earlier this week, leaders of over 50 African countries packed their bags and headed home from the African Union (AU) Summit in Uganda. So after months of planning for the event, I can take a break and reflect back on what happened at the meeting!

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