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Blog: Danone's missed opportunity to be legen-DAIRY on climate

As the biggest food company in the country that is hosting the historic climate talks, as a global business that has been a big contributor to climate change through its emissions from operations and supply chains, and as a business that is directly impacted by the impacts of climate change, Danone had a unique responsibility to act now, and to act boldly. Unfortunately, its recently released policy fails to do just that.

Neem Mibimba, 28 is President of the Women's Forum, Boporo camp, Eastern DRC. Credit: Eleanor Farmer/Oxfam, December 2014

Blog: The first 4 years of Oxfam's GROW Campaign: Keep on growing!

Four years ago this month, Oxfam’s GROW campaign launched with a rallying cry to “fix the broken food system.” In more than 50 countries, people like you have stood up to governments, banks and the world’s biggest brands – and winwon. None of this would have been possible without your support!

Anastacia Antonia, Farmer, Mozambique. 22 years old. Photo: Mario Macilau/Oxfam

Blog: Will businesses ‘Walk the Walk’ and “Talk the Walk” on the Road to Paris?

Business leaders meeting at the Business & Climate Summit in Paris this week have the power to show they will listen to those who are least to blame yet most affected by climate change. Will they take action for food security and for supporting small farmers?

Battle of the Brands

Blog: Battle of the Brands: The Annual Scorecard Update

Twice a year, Oxfam takes a look at publically available information on the agricultural sourcing policies of the top ten food and beverage companies. These are the same companies that make a large portion of what you buy everyday. Here's our latest assessment of how well the top 10 Food & Beverage companies are performing on 7 themes: Transparency, Women, Workers, Farmers, Land, Water, and Climate. 

Behind the Brands

Blog: Behind the Brands: the race for the top continues

Launched in February 2013, the Behind the Brands campaign has successfully used the power of consumers and investors to call on the world’s ten largest food and beverage companies to publish new commitments to improve how they address issues across seven themes.

Blog: Make a Big Noise for Climate Action

Join 24 hours of global action and send a big noise online to Kellogg and General Mills!

Can you hear that? Oxfam supporters have taken over half a million actions to get companies to improve their policies on land, gender, and climate change. Doesn’t it sound like music to your ears? Now together we need to act again.

Hagamos ruido para luchar contra el cambio climático

Blog: Hagamos ruido para luchar contra el cambio climático

¡Participa en las 24 horas de acción global y envía un ruido estruendoso online a Kellogg y General Mills!

¿Lo has oído? Los colaboradores y colaboradoras de Oxfam han actuado más de medio millón de veces para que las empresas mejoren sus políticas sobre tierras, derechos de las mujeres y cambio climático. ¿A que es un placer escucharlo? Ahora, debemos actuar juntos de nuevo.

Burning Forests in Indonesia

Blog: What’s really in your morning bowl of cereal?

Palm oil is everywhere, in food and everyday items you don’t even realize. It’s in your morning bowl of cereal, your afternoon biscuits, your dinner pizza, in soap and even in the biodiesel that fuels your car. And sadly, in many places, it comes with human and environmental costs.

To find out why, I recently joined an Oxfam field trip to Indonesia, the world’s largest palm oil producer. We wanted to talk to those affected by big palm oil plantations.

Jose Mourinho: the new UN Global Ambassador Against Hunger. Photo: Ronnie Macdonald (Creative Commons licence

Blog: The golden goal of a lifetime: 5 step plan for Jose Mourinho to help beat hunger

Jose Mourinho has the opportunity to score the golden goal of a lifetime! Is he ready to take his game through a 5 step plan to beat the keeper and score against hunger?

Jose Mourinho’s new role is probably the most meaningful of his life time. As the new UN Global Ambassador Against Hunger he has an opportunity to score against climate change - the single biggest threat to beating hunger.

Fuimos testigos de incendios forestales durante nuestro viaje. Distrito de Pelalawan, provincia de Riau.

Blog: ¿Qué se esconde detrás de tu tazón de cereales?

El aceite de palma está en todas partes: desde los alimentos que consumimos cada día hasta productos cotidianos donde menos cabría esperar. Está en los cereales del desayuno, en las galletas, en la pizza, en el jabón e incluso en el biocarburante que utilizamos para el coche. Desgraciadamente, en muchos lugares tiene un coste humano y medioambiental.


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