Gaza sunset. Photo: Adeline Guerra/Oxfam

Blog: Pushing for peace in Gaza

"Last time I was in Gaza I was seven months pregnant and I left hoping that by the time my son was born, things might be better for babies born in Gaza – because it was hard to imagine they could get any worse."

Destruction in Gaza. Photo: Iyad al Baba/Oxfam

Blog: Gaza is dying in front of everybody

Tim Holmes, Oxfam Program Manager, reports back on his recent visit to Gaza and reflects on the challenges people living there face in their daily lives.

Boys ride their bicycles in Gaza. Photo: Alison Martin/Oxfam

Blog: 10 years under blockade, every day life seems extraordinary in Gaza

We could be anywhere in the world, but this normal, everyday, life is extraordinary for what it has overcome - under blockade in Gaza.

Cars queue for fuel after Yemen airstrikes. Photo: Abo Haitham/Oxfam

Blog: A letter on Yemen to every editor

It is deplorable that everybody has failed to extend what was a temporary ceasefire in Yemen. The conflict and the de facto blockade of the country has crippled its economy and put the lives of 26 million people at risk. - Grace Ommer, Oxfam Yemen Country Director


People search for survivors under the rubble of houses destroyed by Saudi airstrikes near Sanaa Airport, Yemen, Tuesday, March 31, 2015. Credit: Abo Haitham/Oxfam

Blog: Conflict in Yemen: a deeply personal account

Conflict in Yemen has forced thousands of people to flee their homes, including Oxfam staff.  It is pushing the country towards economic collapse and making life harder for 16 million people already in need of humanitarian aid. Here Oxfam program officer Bassim describes how the crisis has changed his life.

Oxfam soutient un cabinet médical mobile dans les quartiers les plus pauvres de Gaza. Il est à présent trop dangereux de se déplacer dans nombre d'entre eux. Photo : Tineke D'Haese

Blog: Living through the Gaza airstrikes

People keep asking me how the situation in Gaza is right now, and I don't know how to begin describing it. Scary. Dangerous. Confusing. So many emotions. 

The airstrikes happen everywhere, anytime, day and night. At night is the most difficult time. The bombing intensifies and I can feel it getting closer and closer. I'm exhausted but I try and force myself not to fall asleep... the explosions are even scarier when they wake you up.  I prefer to be awake when they strike. 

A small boat.

Blog: Fishing without sea in Gaza

Palestinian fishermen in Gaza need access to the sea, not imports of fish from Israel, reports Oxfam’s Catherine Weibel.

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