El dibujo de Reema, mostrando su casa en Siria

Blog: Reema, refugiada siria de 12 años: "Mi último día en casa"

Reema es una niña de doce años que tuvo que huir de su país, Siria, junto a sus padres y sus hermanos. Se refugiaron en el Líbano. Esto ocurrió hace un año.

Reema's drawing, showing her home in Syria

Blog: Reema, 12, Syrian refugee: "My last day at home"

Reema is a 12-year old girl who had to flee her country, Syria, with her parents and siblings. They found refuge in Lebanon. That was a year ago.

Reema was a bright student and loved studying, but she hasn't been able to go to school since she left her country. She still enjoys writing and drawing, to tell her tragic story. Here below is one of her texts, in which she remembers her "last day at home" in Syria.

Somali women with their children wait outside an Oxfam supported therapeutic feeding center in Mogadishu, Somalia. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: A woman inspires in Somalia

When it comes to the role of women in society, the East African country of Somalia receives a great deal of negative attention. Given that the country has suffered from years of conflict, and is currently enduring a food crisis, it certainly is a difficult, sometimes dangerous environment where women can be left vulnerable.  

Photo: Ambiyo and her three triplets, recovering after treatment at the SAACID center.

Blog: Somalia: Survival and triplets in the midst of famine

Oxfam's partner SAACID treats malnourished children in Somalia's capital Mogadishu.

“My son Ahmed has been sick for five months, but he became very weak in the last month. I really don’t know exactly what is wrong with him, but I think the problem is linked to hunger. This nutrition center is extremely important for us. Without it, hundreds of children would have already died from malnutrition.”

Coal in your shoes

Blog: Coal in your shoes

"It will be the young and the poor and developing countries that will suffer earliest and hardest. We cannot allow this to happen."Nicholas Stern - author of reports on economic implications of climate change.

Blog: Ugandan Minister for Environment unveils art from children about climate change.

The Ugandan Minister for Environment, Ms Maria Mutagamba, launched a collection of drawings that young people form Bangladesh, Malawi and Uganda, have created to express what Climate Change means to them.

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