civil war

Awaiting food distribution, Mingkaman camp, South Sudan. Photo: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam

Blog: One year later: Is the South Sudan crisis unique in humanitarian history?

The world’s attention has a horrible tendency of wandering off Sudan and South Sudan’s problems before any are really solved for the future.

Preventing a crisis in Somalia becoming a catastrophe

Blog: Preventing a crisis in Somalia becoming a catastrophe

New emergencies seem to hit the world on a monthly basis. Right now we are grappling with situations in the DRC, South Sudan, Sudan, Central African Republic and Syria to name just a few. Having worked on many disasters for Oxfam from the Haiti earthquake to floods in Pakistan, and the food crisis in the Sahel to conflict in Congo, I am all too aware that faced with such a barrage of suffering, it is extremely difficult for people to know how to react. This includes countries that regularly provide humanitarian funding for countries in crisis.

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