Woman filling a jerry can with water, Tanzania

Blog: Day 6: Growing a More Food-Secure World

An agriculture that is resilient and sustainable, and provides sufficient safe, affordable food for all, will be built on four cornerstones: comparative advantage, open trade, markets that work for both producers and consumers, and an African continent that contributes positively to food production.

By Harold Poelma, Managing Director of Cargill Refined Oils Europe

Gladys and Diego at Señorío de Sulco in Lima. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Flavio, Diego and Gladys celebrate the end of the GROW recipe competition

The GROW recipe competition attracted foodies from across Peru and Latin America, with some truly inspiring entries. Cada Every dish celebrated the produce grown in Peru by small-scale farmers every day.

"My Bubble Gum", child labor in Bangladesh. Photo: Larry Louie

Blog: CL!CK photo competiton winners: how aid is helping local communities

A few months ago I wrote about a new photography competition that Oxfam was involved with, partnering with the good people over at European Journalism Centre. Now, I’m delighted to be able to write again – announcing some winners!

Marlina Majid (29) - PHE leader takes a photo with her digital camera. Credit: Jim Holmes/Oxfam

Blog: Your creativity needed: Oxfam’s new photo competition!

When you campaign about aid, you’re always looking for new ways to tell the story. We know that in recent years, thanks to aid money, the Rwandan government eliminated user fees for primary and lower secondary school education; in Sierra Leone the government was able to remove user fees for mother’s and babies and now millions more people are alive thanks to anti-retroviral drugs. These are great achievements but we still need to find ways to show the public that aid money changes lives around the world.

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