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Photo: Airstrike destruction of civilian houses in Sana'a, Yemen. Credit: Bassam Al-Thulaya/Oxfam

Blog: Hope For Yemen as UK Arms to Saudi Arabia Ruled Unlawful

Calling for peace while selling weapons that allow Saudi Arabia to continue bombing Yemen is an utter hypocrisy that is having deadly consequences for the people of Yemen. This Appeal Court ruling is a victory for them.

Arms in Africa. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: After Mexico's Arms Trade Treaty meeting, will African states help control arms?

An inspiring week at the first Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in Cancun, laying the groundwork for the future operation of the treaty. However, the continent will only reap the rewards of arms control if African states make the most of the treaty.

Campaigners for the Control Arms Coalition at the UN, July 2012.  Photo: Andrew Kelly/Control Arms

Blog: Arms Trade Treaty conference in Mexico: Let's build a safer Africa

Today is an important milestone in Oxfam’s camp

Another day at the office, pushing for a global Arms Trade Treaty

Blog: Another day at the office, pushing for a global Arms Trade Treaty

"What do you actually do all day over there?"

That’s a question a friend back home skyped me on Wednesday. I’ve been working on the Arms Trade Treaty for a long time now, and spent a lot of time at the various UN meetings. But what actually happens? What do we do all day? I thought I’d have a go at writing it down.

Cada año, 5,4 millones de personas resultan heridas por armas de fuego.

Blog: ¡Armas bajo Control sacude a la ONU en el primer día de las negociaciones del TCA!

Hemos vuelto... ¡y esta vez va en serio! Otro mes, otra reunión de la ONU, otra ronda de negociaciones sobre el Tratado Internacional de Comercio de Armas... Pero esta vez algunas cosas son diferentes. 

Deadly detour: every year, a million guns go missing. Enough to supply every terrorist organization with 20.000 weapons.

Blog: Control Arms has rocked the UN on the first day of the Arms Trade Treaty negotiations!

We're back... and this time it's serious! Another month, another UN meeting, another round of Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) negotiations. But this time some things are different.

David Grimason mourns his 2 year old son Alistair who was killed in crossfire from an illegal weapon. Photo: Andrew Kelly

Blog: Fighting for an Arms Trade Treaty at the UN General Assembly

I'm in New York, helping co-ordinate our plans with Control Arms Coalition colleagues, on the eve of the UN General Assembly First Committee (which deals with disarmament). Two months have passed since the end of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) conference, where world governments came so close to agreeing a treaty that would regulate the global arms trade, and it is time to renew pressure to push for the work to be completed.

Arms Trade Treaty Campaigner, New York, July 2012. Photo: Andrew Kelly/Control Arms

Blog: A global Arms Trade Treaty: a marathon not a sprint

The fight for an Arms Trade Treaty has been a marathon – not a sprint. Here, Oxfam’s Head of Arms Control Anna Macdonald sets out why she believes it’s worth staying the course.

The world has come within a hair’s breadth of agreeing a global Arms Trade Treaty. This would have been a huge step in the right direction for preventing genocide and human rights abuses by bringing the arms trade under control – and given the shocking atrocities unraveling in Syria each day, it’s definitely long overdue.

Banksy's iconic graffiti of a child soldier is recreated to call for tighter controls on the arms trade. Photo: Nick Stern

Blog: UK and US: Save the Arms Trade Treaty negotiations

At the Arms Trade Treaty conference at the UN in New York, delegates have been dragging their feet, playing musical chairs and generally skirting around discussions. With disagreements from the start, the talks are not on track. So, we need States to pick up the pace to ensure that a bulletproof treaty is agreed when the conference closes on July 27th.

Blog: A tank in the streets of central London! We need an Arms Trade Treaty now

Last week Oxfam and Amnesty, as part of the Control Arms Coalition, drove a tank around central London, startling passers-by and even getting stopped by the police for a documentation check. While the vehicle was admittedly unorthodox, it was the perfect way to deliver its message – that the world needs a strong, uncompromising treaty to regulate the global weapons trade.


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