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COP22 in Morocco, Nov 2016

Blog: 5 key takeaways from COP22

COP22 was a defiant call to action from developing countries in the wake of the US election result, while rich countries continued to neglect the need for new funds to support those most vulnerable to climate change.

Dépenses consacrées aux OMD, Government Spending Watch (GSW)

Blog: Objectifs du Millénaire pour le développement : les gouvernements dépensent-ils comme promis ?

Dans le domaine du développement, l'argent résout de nombreux problèmes. Si l'on souhaite savoir dans quelle mesure des progrès ont été réalisés pour atteindre les Objectifs du Millénaire pour le développement (OMD) ou dans quelle direction il faudrait s'orienter pour le programme de l'après-2015, il convient en premier lieu de disposer de donées fiables, avant de pouvoir avancer.

MDG spending, Government Spending Watch (GSW)

Blog: Are governments meeting their MDG spending targets?

In the world of development, money answers many questions. If we’re interested in finding out how far we have come in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) or in what direction we should go for a post-2015 agenda, having the right numbers in place is paramount to moving forward. This is what makes Government Spending Watch (GSW) so exciting.

Blog: Wallpaper in Doha?

I’m huddled in a corner of the swank Sheraton Hotel in Doha, Qatar.  Around me, workers are carrying massive rows of theater chairs, and rolls of wallpaper.

Why am I here at the most famous hotel in Doha, in this tiny and extremely wealthy Gulf country? (Obviously not where I hang out on an average day)  And what on earth are they doing to this place?

Blog: The real story of Climate Change - from those most affected

Today at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali, Oxfam launched "South Voices", a video with testimonies from 63 people from developing countries who are already feeling the impacts of climate change.

The people featured in the video are already taking action to adapt to climate change, by making drastic changes to the way that they live their lives, but it is not enough, weather patterns are changing too fast. They need support from the rich countries that contributed most to climate change.

Blog: What does Adaptation Finance have to do with Climate Change?

Today, we launched a new briefing note (see all the photos here) at the UN Climate Change Conference that is being held in Bali, Indonesia.

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