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Oxfam tax havens campaign stunt outside the European Union, 2016. Photo: Tineke D'haese/Oxfam

Blog: Historic vote in European Parliament for a Europe free from tax havens

Last week, the European Parliament

Winnie Byanyima. Photo: World Economic Forum

Blog: This Video on Inequality Has Gone Viral. So What Next?

This clip of the 'Cost of Inequality' panel at this year's World Economic Forum in Davos has gone viral. Here's why.

Time to end the era of tax havens.

Blog: Paradise Papers one year on: Five ways to stop such tax scandals

Oxfam’s five-point plan shows how governments can stop the tax scandals if they put the interests of the public over the demands of the super-rich and big business.

Photo: Maria Cristina Lopez, working in Mexico. Credit: Oxfam

Blog: A day at work: Latin America and the Caribbean

'TRABAJO ('Work') is a collaborative film shot by ordinary people from more than 10 countries in Latin America. The film reflects the perseverance and tenacity of women and men that work very hard to get ahead, to feed their families.

Photo: Arturo Cañedo - Oxfam

Blog: Latin America remains the most unequal region in the world

Although income inequality has fallen in recent years, Latin America remains the most unequal region in the world. Our team of experts there reviews how to tackle such extreme inequality.

Tax dodging steals money from health and education.

Blog: Why tax dodging is a human rights issue

In the wake of the recent Paradise Papers scandal we saw how tax dodging deprives already deprived people of basic services like access to water, education and healthcare. But, how does tax affect human rights? Here, Alex May argues that tax dodging can also be seen as a human rights violation.

Join the movement to end extreme inequality.

Blog: It's not really about Oxfam's shocking inequality stat—or is it?

Oxfam’s recent assessment on the growing global

Join the fight against extreme inequality.

Blog: Seven brilliant questions you asked about Oxfam’s Inequality report

Oxfam’s new inequality report,  which found that just 8 men own the same wealth as half the world, is making headlines around the globe.  Here we reply to five of the most frequently asked questions about this astonishing report.

Tika Darlami (45) participates in a meeting of the 'Nari Utthan' (translation: women ascending) Community Discussion Class. Credit: Aubrey Wade/Oxfam, Nepal, Surkhet District, Mid Western Region

Blog: How to end inequality and poverty through fiscal and gender justice

Challenging gender inequality in economic decision making is one of the most powerful ways to change who benefits the most from the economy.

Pupils at Reuben Baptist primary in Mukuru informal settlements, Nairobi, Kenya. Photo: Allan Gichigi/Oxfam

Blog: Tax justice: Are the victims of inequality at the global table?

If the war on inequality is to be won, then we must ensure that the ‘Akirus’ of this world are empowered to take up their rightful place in the fight for tax justice.


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