In Cairo, Egyptians gathered to light candles in Mostafa Mahmoud Square, in solidarity with the people of Syria. Photo: Ihab El-Sakkout

Blog: A global call for ending the sufferings of Syrians

Thousands of Syrians continue to flee conflict every day, seeking safety in neighboring countries. Thursday 14 March marked the two year anniversary of the start of the crisis in Syria. Oxfam with partners around the region joined efforts to mark this day by organizing a candlelit vigil in different parts in the world.

Oxfam is providing water to many communities, including this one in Beit Lahia.

Blog: Visiting the Rubicon

A truck load of Pampers is driven into the Kerem Shalom crossing ahead of us.  One consignment of 36 wooden pallets piled to a height of 160 cm. Not enough to meet the household needs in Gaza where 170 babies are born every day. “We have seen a lot of Pampers and toilet rolls recently,” confides the Israeli army major who is assigned to liaise with the humanitarian community. Also macaroni and spaghetti now that they been approved at the political level of the Israeli administration.

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