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A farmer is watering his banana trees, in Brazil. Photo: Gilvan Barreto/Oxfam

Blog: "The Aldi price": It’s time to peel the banana scandal

German supermarket chains are partly responsible for substantially undercutting the legal minimum price for bananas in Ecuador, which has dire consequences for small agricultural producers and plantation workers.

Sacks of fair trade coffee, Honduras. Photo: Gilvan Barreto/Oxfam

Blog: The WTO tries to prove it is relevant, but for whom?

4 reasons the Bali package won’t help developing countries

For the first time this century, Oxfam will not be attending this week’s World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Conference in Bali.

Back-breaking work: tea picking in Mulanje, Southern Malawi. Photo: Abbie Trayler-Smith

Blog: Behind the world’s favorite brew: a living wage for tea pickers

The tragic collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh has put a spotlight on the poor pay and working conditions endured by millions of people who make our clothes or grow our food.

World’s biggest chocolate companies melt under consumer pressure

Blog: World’s biggest chocolate companies melt under consumer pressure

More sweet news today for chocolate lovers: the biggest chocolate maker in the world, Mondelez International, has agreed to take steps to address inequality facing women in their cocoa supply chains - thanks to pressure from customers like you.

Les plus grands fabricants de chocolat au monde fondent sous la pression des consommateurs

Blog: Les plus grands fabricants de chocolat au monde fondent sous la pression des consommateurs

Encore de bonnes nouvelles pour les amateurs et amatrices de chocolat : le plus grand fabricant de chocolat au monde, Mondelez International, a accepté de prendre des mesures pour lutter contre les inégalités auxquelles font face les femmes dans leurs chaînes d’approvisionnement en cacao. Cela a été rendu possible grâce à la pression de consommateurs comme vous !

You heeded our call and companies listened

Blog: You heeded our call and companies listened

Less than two months ago, Oxfam called on the three largest chocolate companies to do more for the women who grow the cocoa that is used in Oreos, M&Ms and Crunch bars—just to name a few.

Women and their role in the agricultural value chain. Image: Oxfam

Blog: Day 2: The Potential of Women Suppliers

Food system transformation will require the engagement of women suppliers along entire agricultural value chains. Women need to shift out of labour into business ownership, and women suppliers need to get organized to have access to actual buyers.

By Elizabeth Vazquez, CEO of WEConnect International

El Desafío CRECE: 5 sencillas formas de alimentar a tu familia y contribuir a arreglar el fallido sistema alimentario.  Imagen: Raine Kelly para Oxfam

Blog: El Desafío CRECE: Cómo alimentar a tu familia y arreglar el defectuoso sistema alimentario

Todas las decisiones que tomas en el supermercado y en la cocina, desde qué plátanos comprar a cómo conservar las manzanas, tienen un gran impacto. Estas decisiones parecen insignificantes, pero definen tu papel en el 'sistema alimentario mundial'.

En la campaña CRECE hablamos mucho del sistema alimentario. Pero ¿qué es exactamente y cómo formamos parte de él?

La méthode CULTIVONS : 5 principes simples contre la faim et le changement climatique. Illustration : Raine Kelly/Oxfam

Blog: La méthode CULTIVONS : comment nourrir votre famille tout en transformant le système alimentaire

Chaque décision que vous prenez au supermarché et dans la cuisine, du choix des bananes que vous achetez, jusqu’à la manière dont vous conservez vos pommes, a un véritable impact. Vos choix en termes d’alimentation peuvent sembler dérisoires et sans importance, mais ils font de vous des actrices et acteurs du « système alimentaire mondial ».

The GROW Method: Five easy-to-follow principles to tackle hunger and climate change. Image: Raine Kelly for Oxfam

Blog: The GROW Method: Ways to feed your family and fix the broken food system

Every decision you make in the supermarket and in the kitchen, from which bananas to buy, to where to store apples at home, has a big impact. Your choices when it comes to food may seem small and inconsequential, but they make you a part of the ‘global food system.’

We talk a lot about the food system in the GROW campaign. But what exactly is it and how are we part of it?

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