Jameela Ahmed's children sitting in the room they live in, in a village outside Khamer city, Yemen. Photo: Gabreez/Oxfam

Blog: Stop the Bombs, Yemen is Starving

Most of Yemen's 22.2 million people are now in need of humanitarian aid. This terrible situation is entirely caused by a war in which the parties are dependent on arms supplied from outside the country.

Ahmed and his siblings in Al-Okasha IDP camp, Abs district, Hajjah governorate. Photo: Ahmed Al-Fadeel/Oxfam

Blog: Stop the war in Yemen

It's now been three years of war in Yemen. Meet Ahmed - he is only 14 but has a thousand reasons to end this inhuman war.

Winnie Byanyima visits Kushari, an area of Maiduguri, Northeast Nigeria. Photo: Tom Saater/Oxfam

Blog: This starvation in Africa is an affront to humanity

We’re all shaken by the fact that our world stands on the brink of 4 famines. It is unprecedented in modern times. It should never have been allowed to happen.

Boys of Khamer, Yemen. Credit: Sylvia Ghaly, August 2016.

Blog: There was a time in Yemen...

There was a time when hearing airplanes flying used to put a smile on my face. It was a reminder of the good memories from a holiday that had just ended or of the plans I was making for my next trip. Sooner or later that time will come, but unfortunately the more peace is delayed the more innocent people pay the price.

Martha Nyandit waits for an Oxfam/WFP food delivery, Mingkaman camp, South Sudan. Photo: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam, April 2014

Blog: Why is there famine in South Sudan and what can be done

South Sudan's famine is a man-made tragedy, and we are running out of time to avoid it getting worse.

Displaced people in a camp near Mogadishu, Somalia. Photo: Caroline Gluck/Oxfam

Blog: Somalia: eight warnings of catastrophe so far, and still no action

Last week marked three years since the UN declared famine in Somalia. The catastrophe facing the Somali people three years ago ended in at least 260,000 people dying, half of them children.

Jose Mourinho: the new UN Global Ambassador Against Hunger. Photo: Ronnie Macdonald (Creative Commons licence http://ow.ly/ygbBv)

Blog: The golden goal of a lifetime: 5 step plan for Jose Mourinho to help beat hunger

Jose Mourinho has the opportunity to score the golden goal of a lifetime! Is he ready to take his game through a 5 step plan to beat the keeper and score against hunger?

Jose Mourinho’s new role is probably the most meaningful of his life time. As the new UN Global Ambassador Against Hunger he has an opportunity to score against climate change - the single biggest threat to beating hunger.

Blog: Infografía: El ABC de las crisis alimentarias

¿Alguna vez te has preguntado qué significa exactamente "inseguridad alimentaria"? Si es así, esta infografía te puede ser muy útil.

Hace poco, un amigo mío casi se mete en un lío con el Gobierno de los Estados Unidos. Al volver a casa tras unos meses trabajando en el ámbito humanitario en un país de Oriente Próximo, los funcionarios de inmigración del aeropuerto no pararon de hacerle preguntas sobre su trabajo.

"Fue muy raro", me contó. "Por algún motivo, creían que era un guardia de seguridad armado. Hasta me preguntaron si llevaba pistola".

Infographic: The vocabulary of hunger crises, explained

Blog: Infographic: The vocabulary of hunger crises, explained

Understanding what food security means is important. If we actually know what "famine," “food insecurity” and other measures of hunger mean, for people living through them, we feel more motivated to help.

Blog: Insécurité alimentaire, urgence, famine... Une infographie pour comprendre la réalité derrière ces termes

Si vous vous êtes déjà demandé ce que le terme « insécurité alimentaire » signifie concrètement, voici une infographie qui répondra à vos interrogations.


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