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Farah*, 8, collects water from the Oxfam water distribution point at the Al-Manjorah IDPs camp, Bani Hassan District, Hajjah, Yemen. Credit: Moayed Al-Shaybani/Oxfam

Blog: The facts behind the man-made famine threatening Yemen

Two years ago conflict escalated in the Middle East’s poorest country: Yemen. Now today 7 million people are one step away from famine.

Boys of Khamer, Yemen. Credit: Sylvia Ghaly, August 2016.

Blog: There was a time in Yemen...

There was a time when hearing airplanes flying used to put a smile on my face. It was a reminder of the good memories from a holiday that had just ended or of the plans I was making for my next trip. Sooner or later that time will come, but unfortunately the more peace is delayed the more innocent people pay the price.

Nemah Ahmed, 42, has been displaced with her husband and five children to Bir Alhasee village in Abs district because of the war. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: How we're scraping by through the Yemen war

With the international media focused on the war in Syria, the Yemeni crisis is largely forgotten. The country is under total blockade and few journalists are allowed to enter. Let's keep pushing so that Yemen doesn’t become a forgotten crisis.

Yemeni children are a source of inspiration to us all. Credit: Oxfam

Blog: Finding hope in Yemen, as I witness a never-ending war

I believe in a better future for the Yemeni people. Despite the fact that over 3.1 million people were forced to flee because of the war, and the enormous number of people in dire need of basic services, I still see children smiling and trying to go on with their life. It is hard to know that so many more people need support, that there is not enough assistance, but these children are a source of inspiration to all of us and this is what keeps us going.

Esther Ndlovu, small farmer in Matobo district, southern Zimbabwe. Photo: Innocent Katsande/Oxfam

Blog: Zimbabwe: Swift action required as numbers of people affected by drought rise

Last week the Southern Africa Development Community declared a regional drought emergency, and launching a $2.4 billion appeal to the international community. Oxfam Communications Coordinator, Innocent Katsande reports from Zimbabwe on the urgent need for help.

Farming in Zimbabwe. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Drought stings Southern Africa: The region’s leadership must act now as millions face food crisis

Around 28 million people in Southern Africa now face alarming levels of hunger and food insecurity. The Southern African Development Committee's declaration of a regional emergency must be a clarion call for donors, national governments and the humanitarian community to act faster.

Photo: Trash fills the streets of Sanaa, Yemen. Credit: Oxfam

Blog: Happy Eid – from Yemen

Eid is upon us. But it doesn’t feel like Eid. Fighting in Yemen has not ceased throughout the month of Ramadan - in fact it intensified. This year the upcoming holiday will not be the same celebration.

Oxfam water point, Malakal camp, South Sudan. Photo: Simon Rawles/Oxfam

Blog: South Sudan: Sky-rocketing inflation, conflict and collapsed markets

Sky-rocketing inflation, conflict and collapsed markets are pushing people in South Sudan to breaking point as the political deadlock enters its 17th month and families face a second 'lean season' since fighting began. Here's a quick recap of Oxfam's delivery of humanitarian aid.

Displaced people in a camp near Mogadishu, Somalia. Photo: Caroline Gluck/Oxfam

Blog: Somalia: eight warnings of catastrophe so far, and still no action

Last week marked three years since the UN declared famine in Somalia. The catastrophe facing the Somali people three years ago ended in at least 260,000 people dying, half of them children.

Division is plunging Central African Republic into food crisis

Blog: Division is plunging Central African Republic into food crisis

Moussa – not his real name - stood with his last pile of groundnuts, just one of three traders left in a vast, empty market that, before the recent conflict in Central African Republic, used to burst with life. He told me that he had already sent his wife and children out of the country, because he feared for their safety. As soon as he sold his last stock, he would go too.


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