Jean Robert looks around, still unable to believe his eyes. ‘I never saw anything like it, the speed of it. Truly terrible.’

Blog: The deadly trail of Hurricane Matthew

As we visit the families living in the most affected areas in Haiti, the destruction left by hurricane Matthew is more evident, as well as the urgent humanitarian needs of those affected. Destroyed schools and homes reduced to rubble have left thousands of families with absolutely nothing. You can help.

El cambio climático y el otro "abismo fiscal"

Blog: El cambio climático y el otro "abismo fiscal"

Si has seguido de cerca las elecciones en Estados Unidos a principios de este mes, probablemente hayas oído hablar de un inminente "abismo fiscal", un término acuñado para describir la necesidad de crear una nueva legislación para reactivar la economía estadounidense.

Climate change and the other 'fiscal cliff'

Blog: Climate change and the other 'fiscal cliff'

If you tuned into coverage of the US election earlier this month, you'll almost certainly have heard talk about an impending 'fiscal cliff' – a term that's been coined to describe the need to introduce new legislation to get the US economy on track.

Mathnia (left) does the laundry in her house, with eight orphaned children. Photo: Carlos Cazalis/Oxfam

Blog: When will things let up for Haiti?

In the past ten months, a country that initially faced extreme poverty has dealt with a devastating earthquake, heavy rains and storms, and now a fast-spreading cholera epidemic. For outsiders, Haiti’s recovery seems frustratingly slow. For organizations working here, the question is where to start?

The rain dropped by Hurricane Tomas across Haiti has created perfect conditions for the spread of cholera. Photo by Eduardo Munoz, courtesy

Blog: Praying for sun in Haiti

Tomas was on its way. News reports showed it lashing islands in the Carribean, relentless in its mission, unforgiving on the people. And it was on its way to Haiti. A country that was still getting over the earthquake in January and dealing with an outbreak of cholera.

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