A portrait of Jemaa Al Halayal and his two-year-old daughter, Lebanon. Credit: Sam Tarling/Oxfam, Sept 2015

Blog: Searching for safety: lessons from Syria's refugees

What is life like for Syrian refugees in Lebanon? Oxfam conducted research to find out how safe refugees feel and to understand the challenges they face. For researcher Nour Shawaf it was a humbling process.

Warda lives in a tent in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, with her child Jaafar and husband Hassan, after leaving their home in Syria. Credit: Joelle Bassoul/Oxfam

Blog: Behind the five million ‘Syrian refugee’ tags are individual stories of love, loss, and hope

Half of Syria's pre-war population of 22 million has been uprooted. Behind each of the 'numbers' lies a very personal story.

A Syrian boy stands in front of his family’s flooded tent in a settlement in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. Credit: Oxfam, 6 January 2016

Blog: As winter settles in, refugees from Syria face increasing hardship

Hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria have seen another winter descend on the Middle East, for some this is their fifth away from home in increasingly difficult living conditions. Oxfam is there.

A Syrian woman refugee in Zaatari camp, 2014. Credit: F. Muath/Oxfam

Blog: World Refugee Day: No one ever thinks they will be called a refugee

For refugees and internally displaced persons in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, and elsewhere, every aspect of daily life is difficult. The crisis in Syria is also placing pressure on host communities. In the run up to World Refugee Day 2015, we highlight the challenges faced by refugees and call for more funding to help both refugees and host communities.

Emad and his family fled from the conflict in Syria, to Jordan in September 2012. Credit: Khalid Said/Oxfam

Blog: Syria: wealthy governments meeting in Kuwait hold the key to survival for millions

It is difficult not to feel overwhelmed in the

Strong winds blew the roof off the shelter that housed Yehia, a farmer from Syria, and his family. Credit: Oriol Andres/Oxfam

Blog: Winter storm and increased border restrictions bring new challenges to conflict-weary Syrian refugees

With our partners in Lebanon and Jordan, we work to reach refugee families hit hard by torrents of rain and snow.

Syrian refugee with her child, in Lebanon's Beeka Valley. Photo: Joelle Bassoul/Oxfam

Blog: International community must step up its support for Lebanon

As an international community, it is within our power to ensure that the future for refugees and vulnerable Lebanese communities isn’t hopeless. Supporting Lebanon now can make a critical difference both for the millions of people in need .

Refugiados sirios: sobreviviendo gracias a la bondad de extraños

Blog: Refugiados sirios: sobreviviendo gracias a la bondad de extraños

Eso era la bondad de extraños. Cuando Aziz huyó del conflicto de Siria hacia el Líbano, oyó algo acerca de un granjero que permitió a refugiados sirios acampar en su tierra. “¿Cuánto es el alquiler por estar en su tierra?” pregunto a Aziz. "Nada”, me dice, “el agricultor no cobra nada”.

La tienda, hecha por el mismo Aziz con carteles de lona recuperados de viejas vallas publicitarias, está iluminada por una luz eléctrica. “¿Y cómo consigues la electricidad?” le pido. “Del agricultor, él deja que utilicemos su suministro eléctrico de forma gratuita”

Syria's refugees: Surviving through the kindness of strangers

Blog: Syria's refugees: Surviving through the kindness of strangers

It was the kindness of strangers. When Aziz fled from the Syrian conflict to Lebanon, he heard about a farmer who allowed Syrian refugees to camp on his land. "How much is the rent to be on his land?", I ask Aziz. "It's nothing," he tells me, "the farmer charges nothing." The tent, made by Aziz himself from recovered tarpaulin posters from old billboard adverts, is lit by an electric light. "How do you get electricity?" "From the farmer. He let's us use his electricity supply for free."

100,000 deaths in Syria and counting - Time for peace

Blog: 100,000 deaths in Syria and counting - Time for peace

The number of reported deaths in Syria continues to rise relentlessly. This time last year the figure was hovering around 20,000. That was bad enough – but no one could have imagined that within 12 months the total would have topped 100,000, with more, inevitably, to come.


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