Photograph taken by an evictee in Uganda, as they are chased from their land.

Blog: Oxfam's land grabs report creates a buzz

“I lost land; I’m landless. Land was my life.” This is one quote from Fred Bahemuka1 from Uganda who claims that that he lost his land due to a land grab. It’s featured in a new Oxfam report, ‘Land and Power’ that highlights how the modern day land rush is forcing thousands into greater poverty. The focus on land grabs is part of our newly launched GROW campaign.

Tuvalu demonstration in front of the Copenhagen talks plenary room. Credit: Ainhoa Goma/Oxfam

Blog: Even the quiet days are noisy at the UN Climate Change Conference

When you ask people what happened yesterday in the negotiations at the COP , they’ll say – not much. Delegates were hunkered down in side rooms and there were no major sessions taking place. But it’s interesting how steamy a ‘not much’ day can be. And it feels like the temperature is rising quite quickly.

Blog: Climate Action Network reaction to the 2007 UN Climate Change Conference outcome

Climate Action Network (CAN), - who Oxfam is a member of - held a press conference directly after the conclusion of the United Nations Climate Change Conference Press Conference Saturday 15 December 2007, in Bali Indonesia.


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