Polluters talk, we walk: 800 people walk out on UN climate talks 2013. Photo: Al Kinley/Oxfam

Blog: Por qué encabecé el grupo que abandonó las negociaciones sobre cambio climático de Naciones Unidas

Ayer encabecé el grupo formado por cientos de personas de todo el mundo que abandonó la 19ª conferencia sobre cambio climático de Naciones Unidas en señal de protesta. Oxfam lleva participando activamente en las negociaciones desde hace ya mucho tiempo, luchando para contribuir a frenar el cambio climático y prestar apoyo a las personas perjudicadas por sus efectos.

Polluters talk, we walk: 800 people walk out on UN climate talks 2013. Photo: Al Kinley/Oxfam

Blog: Why I was part of hundreds of people walking out of the UN climate talks

Today I joined hundreds of people from around the world in a walk out of the 19th UN climate talks. Oxfam has been keenly involved in the talks for a long time, fighting to help stop climate change, and to support people affected by it, and every day the urgency for governments to help gets greater.

Une militante tanzanienne explique à un journaliste le problème des accaparements de terres dans son pays. Photo : Oxfam

Blog: Donner les moyens aux populations de lutter contre la pauvreté ? Les ONG internationales doivent lâcher prise

Les organisations non gouvernementales (ONG) internationales de développement sont à juste titre très fières de leur histoire : elles ont sauvé des vies, aidé les gens à traverser des moments extrêmement difficiles, et montré aux personnes qui se sentent seules que d’autres se soucient d’elles. Mais si les ONG veulent contribuer à un avenir meilleur, elles vont devoir changer.

Coco Beach, Dar es Salaam is "SOLD". Stop land grabs now. Par Oxfam International☆1 0

Blog: Empowering people to fight poverty? International NGOs must let go

The international development Non Governmental Organizations (INGOs) are rightly very proud of their history: they have saved lives, helped people get through the toughest moments, and shown those who feel alone that others care. But if NGOs are to help contribute to a better future, they will need to change.

Private sector investment is critical to end extreme poverty

Blog: Private sector investment is critical to end extreme poverty

Six months ago, the World Bank Group established our two goals: to end extreme poverty by 2030 and boost shared prosperity for the bottom 40 percent of the population in developing countries. Meeting these goals has become the central purpose of our institution. The goals are ambitious, but we can achieve them -- if we engage all partners.

World Social Forum 2013 in Tunis

Blog: 12th World Social Forum takes place in Tunis on the theme of dignity

From 26th to 30th March, international civil society is meeting in Tunis for the 12th World Social Forum.

Two years since the Tunisian revolution, several Oxfam affiliates and our partners have mobilized for this WSF 2013 based on the theme of "dignity". On the program are exchanges of experience, democratic debate and agreement on the assertion that "another world is possible."

Oxfam's cash-for-work program at Tapis Rouge camp, in Port au Prince, Haiti, January 2010. Photo: Ivan Muñoz/Oxfam

Blog: Measuring impact in Haiti: How big of a change are we making?

A few days ago, our Statistics Consultant, Sylvia, sent me this WSJ article in which Bill Gates states that the first step towards solving the world’s problems is to measure them. This is not a nerdy statistician’s point of view; it echoes the question that haunts Sylvia and all of us, humanitarian professionals: how big of a change are we making?

Beneficiary of Oxfam's cash distribution program waiting to receive identity card. Photo: Wolfgang Gressmann/Oxfam

Blog: Tweet this: Yemen on brink of hunger catastrophe [audio slideshow]

The Friends of Yemen conference taking place today offers a critical opportunity to make a difference in the lives of millions of ordinary Yemenis. Yemen is facing a severe humanitarian crisis with 10 million people - 44 percent of the population - without enough food to eat. Millions of people are unable to afford to feed their families, and are being driven deeper in poverty.

Please help us raise the visibility of this crisis today by sending messages about Yemen on twitter and sharing this blog to your social networks.

Photo: People are unloading heavy food bags from a truck.

Blog: Crises in a new world order: challenging the humanitarian project

When it comes to humanitarian crises, Oxfam specializes in the appropriate acronym of “WASH”. In 2011, hundreds of Oxfam staff delivered water and sanitation and other relief to millions of people afflicted by drought, floods or earthquakes.

Blog: Oxfam number three in Top 100 Best NGOs

Robert Fox, Oxfam Canada’s Executive Director, discusses The Global Journal ranking of Oxfam as number three on the world’s Top 100 Best NGOs list.


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