The Lake Turkana Wind Power Project in Loiyangalani district, Marsabit county. Photo: Jack Owuor/The Star Newspaper

Blog: 4 critical steps to ensure international aid works for the poorest people

With the credibility and impact of development aid at stake, the status quo just isn’t an option - it’s time for a more radical rethink.

Oxfam staff deliver food to people caught up in the Ebola outbreak in Equateur province, Democratic Republic of Congo, June 2018. Photo: Alain Nking/Oxfam

Blog: Why 2019 is a Make-or-Break Year for International Aid

International development aid is in danger, as the boundary between aid and commercial transactions gets blurred. Can this trend be reversed?

Martha Nyandit waits for an Oxfam/WFP food delivery, Mingkaman camp, South Sudan. Photo: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam, April 2014

Blog: Can official development assistance be reformed to help the poorest countries?

If the current reform of Official Development Assistance is not combined with the required criteria and safeguards – established in consultation with governments and citizens in the South – it is likely to be to the detriment of the poorest.

Boys playing in Uganda. Photo: One.org

Blog: Paddling Against the Tide

How the changes in the OECD’s definition of aid continue to undermine global efforts against poverty. A statement by African civil society.

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Blog: Oxfam calls for a second generation of corporate tax reforms

The package of tax reforms launched by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris this week, and due to be endorsed by G20 finance ministers meeting in Peru this week, is toothless.

In Ghana, more aid is needed to pay for free care and to expand health services to meet increasing demand. Photo: Abbie Trayler-Smith/Panos

Blog: Unfair international taxation undermines economic, political and social development progress

Oxfam’s report showing how developing countries have been marginalised in the process of reforming the rules for taxing multinational enterprises has been well received – unsurprisingly, perhaps, since the evidence of political marginalisation and of lost revenues is fairly clear.

Photo: Tomàs Abella/Oxfam

Blog: Developing countries must be at the heart of Global Tax Reform

After the world was plunged into a financial crisis, back in 2009, G20 leaders promised to clean up the international tax system, once and for all.

Blog: G20 must rewrite global rules on corporate tax

While disagreements over Syria are likely to dominate the annual G20 Summit in St Petersburg this week, leaders are at least in agreement about one key issue on the table: the need to rewrite global corporate tax rules.

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