2010 is a date with fate for G8

Blog: 2010 is a date with fate for G8

Canada in 2010 is a date with fate. When the G8 leaders meet in Muskoka next June they come face to face with a long list of commitments – on aid, on Africa, on health and education, water and sanitation, on women and children, on AIDS, on climate change and now, on support for small farmers.

Blog: G8: Bread and Circuses

While not quite the Circus Maximus, Silvio Berlusconi’s G8 has been an amazing exercise in spin, powered by round-the-clock ‘bread’ and refreshments for the journalists reporting the event (and it should be said, NGOs as well).

Blog: G8 gives a boost to small farmers but more is needed

Just to show it's not over 'til it's over - and underline the power of targeted advocacy - the final communiqué on food security from the G8 leaders caught everyone by surprise by boosting the pledge for support to agriculture to US$20 billion.

It may not have been our critique that moved the leaders to set a more ambitious goal but our strong message to governments - and through the media to their citizens - can't have hurt in moving the bar.

Blog: Looking back at this G8: the big promise remains just a promise

It’s past 3 pm on the final day of the Summit and I’ve just started realizing that it’s over… after almost 2 years of working, sweating, worrying about the G8 there’s nothing more I can do to squeeze out positive results out of this summit for the world’s poor. What I see instead is yet another series of big announcements, good intentions and no action.

Blog: Una gran decepción

Hace un par de horas que ha concluido la cumbre del G8 2009, y la sensación general es de gran decepción. Una vez más los líderes de los países más ricos del mundo nos han llenado de buenas palabras, pero no han estado a la altura de sus responsabilidades.

The G8 feast on spaghetti, while 1 out of 6 people go hungry. Credit: Ilaria DiBiagio/Oxfam-UCODEP

Blog: More progress urgently needed on climate change

Day Two and the focus shifts from the G8 (which in the end met as a group for only several hours) to an ever larger group of world leaders – including all the big producers of green house gases, north and south. Climate change has received more attention in l'Aquila than at any previous summit. And with Obama in the White House the logjam that has blocked even the most modest progress has been broken. 

El G8 tienen un banquete de espaguetti mientras 1 de cada 6 padecen de hambre. Autor: Ilaria DiBiagio/Oxfam-UCODEP

Blog: A medio camino

Se empieza a notar el cansancio y la falta de sueño en los equipos que de una manera u otra trabajamos en torno a esta cumbre del G8. Así que reservaré para mañana y para un comentario de las declaraciones finales los análisis más profundos, y me limitaré a algunas reflexiones y anécdotas al vuelo.

Pregnant G8 leaders take a pre-natal yoga class

Blog: Les dirigeants du G8, enceinte et 'enceints', pratiquent leur yoga pré-natal

Chaque minute, une femme meurt en donnant la vie. Chaque jour, 75 millions d’enfants en âge d’être scolarisé n’ont pas accès à l’éducation. Si les dirigeants du G8 étaient « enceints », ils se sentiraient plus concernés par la vie de ces mères. Si leurs enfants se retrouvaient devant des portes d’écoles fermées, ils en feraient certainement plus pour l’accès à l’éducation. Si leurs enfants n’avaient ni docteurs, ni professeurs, ni eau potable, ils en feraient plus pour éradiquer la pauvreté.

G8 feasting while 1 out of 6 people are hungry

Blog: It takes a lot more to end hunger

For weeks the rumors have floated that President Obama wanted to make a major announcement at the G8 on the issue of hunger. His staff said that he wanted to focus on aid to small farmers to help them grow their way out of poverty and feed themselves. It's exciting and very welcome in the light of the news that world faces a sad milestone in 2009: This year more than 1 billion people will face hunger. That's more hungry people than ever in human history.

Le G8 festoyant autour d’un plat de spaghetti: alors qu’1 personne sur 6 est affamée

Blog: Les décisions du G8 et surtout leurs actions pourraient éviter que des millions de personnes meurent de faim

Ce soir à l’Aquila, ils seront plus de 30 chefs d’État à partager le festin du grand dîner officiel du G8. Pendant ce temps, un milliard de personnes sont en danger de mort à cause de la malnutrition. C’est une personne sur six qui est concernée et 16 000 enfants meurent des conséquences de la faim chaque jour.


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