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Somali women and men discussing gender and livelihoods issues. Photo: WARDI/Oxfam

Blog: The push for peace: A greater role for women

Women and girls face particular impacts from conflicts worldwide, such as sexual violence. However, women remain systematically marginalized in efforts to prevent, resolve and recover from conflict, and their participation in peace and security processes and institutions remains extremely limited.

Stand with Syria

Blog: Syria: a stain on the conscience of the world

Ignored Security Council resolutions, escalati

Oxfam soutient un cabinet médical mobile dans les quartiers les plus pauvres de Gaza. Il est à présent trop dangereux de se déplacer dans nombre d'entre eux. Photo : Tineke D'Haese

Blog: Living through the Gaza airstrikes

People keep asking me how the situation in Gaza is right now, and I don't know how to begin describing it. Scary. Dangerous. Confusing. So many emotions. 

The airstrikes happen everywhere, anytime, day and night. At night is the most difficult time. The bombing intensifies and I can feel it getting closer and closer. I'm exhausted but I try and force myself not to fall asleep... the explosions are even scarier when they wake you up.  I prefer to be awake when they strike. 

In Cairo, Egyptians gathered to light candles in Mostafa Mahmoud Square, in solidarity with the people of Syria. Photo: Ihab El-Sakkout

Blog: A global call for ending the sufferings of Syrians

Thousands of Syrians continue to flee conflict every day, seeking safety in neighboring countries. Thursday 14 March marked the two year anniversary of the start of the crisis in Syria. Oxfam with partners around the region joined efforts to mark this day by organizing a candlelit vigil in different parts in the world.

The UN votes on the Arms Trade Treaty in 2006.

Blog: 100 days before the Arms Trade Treaty talks – the state of play

One hundred days from now, the 193 member states of the United Nations will gather in New York for a month-long negotiating conference to agree the first ever international treaty to regulate the arms trade.

You can help by signing the global Control Arms petition calling on your government to do everything it can to agree a robust, bulletproof Arms Trade Treaty in July 2012.

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